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SJWW by Rey
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Pretty mild-mannered normally, but...
Toad-ally Awesome by Dondedun
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What better way to spend the day then being a toad?
Crow TF sketch by KrazyIvan
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Patron poll sketch quickie, alternative to Ratted out. Crow version
Deerly Beloved by KrazyIvan
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This was meant as a large scale project that has fallen by the wayside since one of the main backers dropped, im trying to drum up some interest in it again so i can put more effort into this sequence. Patrons who decide to join will have access to future nudes and the novel that I'm writing that goes along with these images. (16,000 words atm) The larger the following for this, the more images and story i can produce However i will periodically upload images for the story on this sequen...
Changing Room by KrazyIvan
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Pool toy TF, another first for me and pretty "out there" a promo for an upcoming sequence for a new patron
Thus Spake the Gods: Humans Suck by Sonicspirit
12 images, 12005 views, 40 favorites, 21 comments One day, the gods spoke, "Children, have ya learned nothing in all your struggles? Yeh all 're the same, and if we don't be teachin' you that, we wouldn't be doin' right by ya." And thus the world was changed. Across the globe, each creature, plant, and object received a kiss from the world itself, gifting each individual with new life. The life energy flowed through them, and awoke that which had been hidden deep inside. The spirits within shon...
I Ferreted up by KrazyIvan
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Patreon commish more shiz below:
An American Wereroo in America by Rey
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Commissioned sequence for Doosker_Roo over at FA. Just that dang ol' full moon again. Still available for commissions, $10 $20 $30 pencil ink color that's the basics, check my artist page for the full run-down!
Ratted out by KrazyIvan
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Amanda's had a costume party thrust on her at the last minute... Commissioned by Meow Meow If you want to see more of my work or you're the generous type consider becoming a patron for as little as $1 a month: -Ivan New feature to patrons, nude version plus FtM version, cos reasons
A Doe-Rible Night To Have a Curse by Dondedun
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Commission for @ adstn_ on twitter!