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($) Dante's Beastly Awakening Sequence (Warning: Blood) by Adaru32
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This was something I released on Halloween this year (I know, bad timing to be submitting this now. Wanted to get other older submissions out of the way first). It was originally going to be for Devil May Cry Week in the first week of October for day 2's theme, Monster/Cryptid/Demon. But my adulting life wouldn't let me get it done on that day, so I released it on Halloween instead. Things have slowed down a bit on my end, so I was feeling a bit inspirational. I held a donation pool for this en...
Burning Up by frankenJade
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Looks like a classic pokeball malfunction! A Patreon commission for Arianna Altomare of their trainer changing species and gender! If you like what I do, you can support me at If you want a commission, check out this page:
Hansfaffing Commission by BengalBoy
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Commission for Hansfaffing (Twitter)
Alyusterwolf Commission by BengalBoy
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Commission for Alysterwolf (Twitter)
Charizard TF by Taitora
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Zangoose TF by Taitora
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Night Fury TF by Taitora
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Ursaring TF by Taitora
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Witch's Cauldron by Taitora
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Patreon Reward for Corezy on Furaffinity
Tufted Capuchin TF by Taitora
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Patreon Reward for ShadowFox014 on Furaffinity