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TF Brian Rot (Sona TF) by Briandabluefox
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Tf Brain Rot? Nah, got TF Brian Rot Sorry for the crappy pun
Keeping Up Appearances (Hisuian Zorua TF) by Mxmaramoose
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Whelp.. this is what ya get for reaching your arm into that trash can to try and rescue that "albino" Zorua... #TFEveryday #pokemon Edit/Update: I was daydreaming a bit of a follow up to My previous Zorua TF pic and doodled this cute lil scene. I guess that the Zoruas felt sorry for me and decided to stick around to teach/help me pretend to be human ^^ Third Pic Update: Continuing on with my lil Hisuian Zorua self-tf, I drew a bunch of cute lil pics depicting some everyday struggles for o...
Robolope Anatomy Study by KrazyIvan
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An interesting idea me and a friend had that i'm doodling for a neat sequence.
Winds of Change by Childolir
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The icy wind bites deep... Had time to make a snep TF for Sneptember despite so much time going into writing the notes for the big project and researching for my bachelor's thesis. c:
Spiritual change by Danwolf
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Personal drawing I made in my break, I have one more I will post next week, then back to comissions. I absolutely ADORE the Ori series and I listen to the music of Ori and the will of the wisps almost daily. Have a cute drawing of Dan becoming much more smaller, agile and shinier X3 He gotta look out for owls now !
Cat burgler by frankenJade
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Flora had a little mishap with her grappling hook during her latest heist. Normally, she could easily untangle herself. Unfortunately, the artifact she's currently heisting is cursed, it's slowly turning her into a cat the longer she possesses it. But if she lets go if it before she can break the curse, the change will be permanent. Will she attempt to untangle herself without dropping the orb, possibly changing further in the process? Or will she give up her prize and accept her current feline ...
TOASTY!!!! by Briandabluefox
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insert toaster noises
Gazelle by frankenJade
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Looks like someone's adventure in the savanna might last a little longer than they planned...
Lion time by Briandabluefox
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Ma wimbah weh, ma wimbah weh, ma wimbah weh
Full Moon=Lycanroc Time by Briandabluefox
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More tf stuff. Yippee.