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Devil May Be Angry (2020) by Adaru32
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I found the one scene from the Visions of V manga so awesome that I just had to make a fan art about it. Really happy with the way this turned out despite being pretty rusty with my highlighting and shading skills. I get hesitant making fan art 'cause when it comes to characters, I would want to try to get everything as accurate as possible (Or make things to a certain degree that makes me feel comfortable with the way they look) without making major errors on certain details (Eg. Jawlines, nos...
Tyrantrum gooTF by Kaju
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Big size & shiny :
Bunny Babe by Nack_Rabbit
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I'm back!
[c] One Happy Dragon [5/5] (Completed) by Recurrent
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IceWolf91's Patreon rewards from starting in June. If you are interested in my Patreon and would like to receive art each month you can check it out here,
Hippo dance by Danwolf
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Commission for yashu-wolf He wanted me to draw his favorite character :3 It was fun, been a while I drawn fatty characters
($) Wrong Limit Break (2019) by Adaru32
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As the title states, this was a piece I made in 2019. This was commissioned by Hexen109 on Deviantart and Fur Affinity of Tifa from Final Fantasy 7 transforming into a werebehemoth. Or should I say, a weregalian beast and stole Vincent's limit break. Drawn on Sai with an Intuos medium pro tablet. Coloured on Sai with the tablet anda mouse.
Halloween Chaos by Mxmaramoose
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Okay so I kinda fell off the wagon for #Octransfur turns out moving house is a lotta work! but I still wanted to go out with a bang! So here have a classic Halloween TF! the blue moon is changing all these unfortunate trickortreaters into their costumes!! #tftober #TFEveryday
Pumpkin head gooTF by Kaju
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happy Halloween Big size :
It Doesn't Matter: Knuckles TF Stages by Sonicspirit
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Whoop! Turned out I needed new TF stage references for It Doesn't Matter! So I kinda slammed through a new Knux TF, whoop. I like how he turned out, and it's hella cool to compare it to the old one from 2016! Concept here was that it's a TF that happens pretty evenly across their whole bodies, which, even I tend to draw them more piecemeal nowadays! It was really cool to cast back to that, when heck, I been writing this damn thing sooo long! I love drawing Knux with his spines pulled up in...
[YCH Collab with Crazy-Husky] Taurific Change by Recurrent
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Completed YCH for @PheagleAdler This is a collab between myself and Crazy-Husky I did the sketch, lineart and background Crazy-Husky did the color and shading.