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Outsized by ArcticFFFox
15 images, 40398 views, 133 favorites, 46 comments
(Formerly called "Spilling Out".) Comic/sequence of myself transforming into my dragon self Urtigg, currently at page 15/20. This transformation starts at the gut! :)
Well Ow'll Be...(ar) by THE COAST IS NEAR
3455 views, 16 favorites, 2 comments
Owlbears, the big, huggable birds for you and your entire family. Become one today!
Chicken Chicken by KrazyIvan
4330 views, 67 favorites, 2 comments
Colourised for your pleasure.
Commission - Somnilux by Battlehog
2994 views, 52 favorites, 2 comments
2.5hrs TF commission for Somnilux on twitter for a friend!!
Cat Evolve by Ichihara-chan
3049 views, 23 favorites, 2 comments
A feral-to-anthro commission for Ehh123 on FA. Here, a tough stray cat turns into a gang member. You want one? I'm always open for commissions!
The Sand Witch's Familiar - Cat TF by Dondedun
2739 views, 46 favorites, 1 comment
The almighty and terrible Sand Witch needed a new familiar, so she procured one from the beach-goers!
Chicken Chicken by KrazyIvan
2872 views, 27 favorites, 4 comments
Quickie, Inspired by two stories: First my childhood favourite by Goosebumps of the title and a recent story docs-lab called Laid Off. A feel a sequence coming on, stay tuned.
Random Dragonification by KrazyIvan
3018 views, 43 favorites, 3 comments
I had a story for this one i promise! But it got eaten by my dog then he barfed in a furnace. Damn you boonie!
[Commission]-Kaelyn's drastic measure by Fringedog
2 images, 3940 views, 36 favorites, 3 comments
Another commission for TomLloyd. Previously posted as separate images for 5$+ patrons last month. The "nudity" version of the post-TF is still available only to 5$+ patrons right now but I am giving the patron permission to repost those images if they so wishes on their own gallery. In this case the story is simple and a bit open-ended; the character is either trying to inject herself with a cure to lycanthropy(and it failed), or in the opposite direction is willingly injecting herself wit...
Another Bad Burn - Dragon TF by Dondedun
2189 views, 29 favorites, 3 comments
Remember kids, always wear sunscreen.