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Patreon Sneak Peak - Bird TF by tfancred
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If you want to see more of my stuff or participate to my future projects, you can join my patreon at : Now, Story time! Britney fell like she was kind of trapped in a job she didn't like. One nigh, she wished to get more freedom... A bit like the birds flying near her window... Sadly, she didn't know how dangerous wishing upon a star could be... Ne next day, she didn't felt well. Like a flu... All the day, her feet hurt as f*ck and her skin was itchy. Around noon, ...
A bit Sphinxy in here by WhenWolvesCryOut
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A feral sphinx tf sketch for Eddy on FurAffinity. I really do need to draw more sphinxes. -Edit: Eddy wanted a followup as his patreon sketch for November, so here it is. Adjusting to these such things can be a bit difficult at first. I'm sure he'll get the hang of it soon. -Edit 2: Another follow up Patreon piece, this time even colored! Eddy found a book he thought could help him figure out what had caused the change, and perhaps even reverse it. However, his attempts only caused mo...
Fur Coat by frankenJade
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Who needs to shop for clothes when you can use magic to grow your own stylish and sexy fur coat. Be careful not to keep it on too long though, or you might end up becoming a bit too attached... If you like what I do, you can support me at If you want a commission, check out this page:
Amazon Giantess by WhenWolvesCryOut
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Patreon sequence for Einharjar of a ring transformation giantess.
Figure-Sona by WhenWolvesCryOut
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Patreon Image for slslyfox6414 on fa. Happy birthday, and thank you for the support! Looks like someone got Corey a custom Figure-Sona for his birthday. Guaranteed to look just like you...even if it doesn't when it arrives. Had planned to have this done on Saturday to actually land on his birthday. Missed that goal. But did go ahead and color it. Got to choose the details, myself, so I when I heard about their birthday, I decided to go with a 'gift opening', of a custom mini.
Patreon Sneak Peak - Pikachu TF by tfancred
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If you want to see more of my stuff or participate to my future projects, you can join my patreon at :, Story time!Penny have been electrocuted when a lightning felt right on her.  At the hospital, nobody believed her : if a lightning had hit her, she would be death isn't she?Well, this is how she came back at home event if everything felt off...  She was always getting static shock and always had a word on the tip of her tongue...  She had to. say it, but didn't know...
Gym wolf by KrazyIvan
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A comic for an awesome guy.
Nightmare by Taitora
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Few years passed and the nightmare still haunts me
Surgical Mask by Taitora
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I'm not sick. I'm just... turning...
TF Enthusiasts Life Cycle - Pokemon Edition by Taitora
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Pokemon TF enthusiasts life cycle be like: