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Fox curse TF by Sa_no
4216 views, 74 favorites, 5 comments
Realities Of Routine by KrazyIvan
5443 views, 123 favorites, 5 comments
Someone in a previous comment said they'd love that to be part of their routine, here's an example.
Office Naga by BeingObscene
3886 views, 110 favorites, 6 comments
Poor Marlene's coworkers spiked her coffee, interns can never get a break.
Getting ready by KrazyIvan
4655 views, 131 favorites, 10 comments
Sarah liked to tease when getting ready.
Pokemon: Let's Go, (Become) Vaporeon! by Cenrji
2740 views, 17 favorites, 3 comments
Commissioned by Flare-Gamer-64 from DA, he asked for a TF of Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee's female protagonist into one of the three original Eevee eeveelutions. Which this game in truth really is a Red/Blue/Yellow remake with a mix of Pokemon GO, and this character is actually Green/Leaf(?). But ah well, it's Pokemon TF tradition to transform the girls. There was an earlier version of this, but I hated the background. So sudden Vaporeon transformation...! What a surprise, but you are like ...
Snow Leopard's Curse by Taitora
1546 views, 19 favorites, 1 comment
An icon trade I did with Portaljaguar2 on FurAffinity. The same transformation theme as mine.
Dairy-Cow-Tf by Dragon-Storm
1611 views, 14 favorites, 3 comments
I got a Patreon check it out! and enjoy this tease!
Aroosed by KrazyIvan
2333 views, 57 favorites, 14 comments
Quick little extra for you.
Tally Cat Sketch by KrazyIvan
2101 views, 47 favorites, 8 comments
A commission for one of my patrons, based on that sketch i made yesterday.
World Otter Day 2018! by TransformationAnonymous
6 images, 2555 views, 18 favorites, 5 comments
What's this, you ask? Well, it's a bit odd. This is how my artwork has advanced throughout the years, from the first otter I ever drew, to the most recent one I've done. All of them are meant to be TF, including the first one, when I had no idea how to do posing. The first image is my most recent, while the last one, is the first one I did. First Image: I did this one just a couple of days ago! It's the most recent otter picture I've done. The idea behind this one is that I worked at a zoo...