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Lux-ury Vacation by Pythoscheetah
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I've done a bunch of male Pokemon TFs recently, so I wanted to do a female one. Human stock by Jagged-eye Animal stock by Monsterbrand-stock and Fotostyle-Schindler
Black and White Wolf by Pythoscheetah
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That's it, give in to the changes. We'll have you howling at the moon in no time! Human stock by Vishstudio Animal stock by Woxys
Roweland Commission by BengalBoy
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Commission for Roweland (Twitter)
cus-taur-mer service by Dragonwithgames
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i work in the customer service industry...i hate my job they tell me i should be fine alone, so i asked for extra arms this is NOT what i meant with extra pair of how am i supposed to provide customer service? who knew the job was instable through other means... __ critiques welcome
Tails to Badgerclops TF - Commission for Don-Mac by Sonicspirit
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Tails tests out a new arm cannon design! It has a few...side effects!
Polarised by KrazyIvan
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Working out has never been such a polarizing activity noody noods:
Ceanoth the Dragon by Pythoscheetah
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Dragonfire3122 seems to be admiring his new tail. And who can really blame him? Animal stock by Nathies-stock, Crysta-stock and Castlegraphics
She's A Fox by Pythoscheetah
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It's been a long year for everyone. So just take a deep breath, relax, and become a fox for a while. Human stock by Cathleen Tarawhiti Animal stock by Woxys
Waiting For Her Change by Pythoscheetah
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Cold weather's finally here, so it's time to break out the coats. Fur coats, that is. Human stock by Fumei-stock Animal stock by Eternalocean and Khalliysgraphy
Blissful Change by Pythoscheetah
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First post, so let's see how this goes. We'll start with one of my more popular recent manips. Big, snarly, nasty TFs can be fun. But sometimes you just want a calm and peaceful change. Since I always credit my stock resources elsewhere, I see no reason to stop now. Human stock by Tris-marie Animal stock by Windfuchs