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Going for an Upgrade by Sonicspirit
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So hopefully this will be the start of a series! I wrote the below short story before FurSquared, after making the Weeping Robot Inn Con Suite sign! I really wanted to work with some of the ideas I had drawing Gazzy's sona and mine, particularly since his sona is canonically 6 feet tall, and I wanted my dude to be able to move quadrupedally as well as bipedally, and to stand about 3 feet tall on his hind legs. I love the size contrast, and liked extrapolating how that would be specifically desig...
Hippo TF by KrazyIvan
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Poll sketch for my bro's
Booby TF by KrazyIvan
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Headshot sketch
No Laughing Matter by WhenWolvesCryOut
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Fun fact about hyenas. They laugh when they're stressed, frustrated, or in trouble. Something OptikalCrow is finding out first hand. Patreon reward for OptikalCrow
Dynamistake by WhenWolvesCryOut
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Macro march is a thing. Dynamaxing pokemon is a thing. So have a luxray tf doodle.  I haven't played the game, but my roommate has and I'm pretty sure you're supposed to pull the pokemon back into the ball before dynamaxing it....also not just drop it halfway through.
Squichous Ferret by KrazyIvan
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Raichu TF For a guy, Fancy myself quite a try, Modeled on himself, In a pose of some stealth, And then he said kthanks bye!
Alligator by Taitora
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Garden Work by Taitora
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This is NOT what I mean when I say "I could use some help watering my garden"!!
Insomnia Night by Taitora
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"Can't sleep... I think my eyes look like a panda already..."
Frog TF by Kaju
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Frog TF