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Some art for @ DrawsPig on Twitter because he's doing a worldbuilding thing involving people shapeshifting into dragons and that's TOTALLY my jam. If you like scenarios and logistics of people turning into dragons, you should definitely check out his work,
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Wanted to do a comic-book style drawing with hard shadows and hatching. Update 2019-05-23: Added a follow-up pic, further along in the transformation!
Snek Legs by Hukeng
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*Timid rattling.*
Hunter to Hunted by KrazyIvan
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Patron Poll winner for May, Nude version on my patreon page of course: Enjoy:)
Delayed Dragon - Dragon TF by Dondedun
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It was only when she began to feel the first egg coming along that she realized the spell had been a success, it just hadn't taken effect immediately
True Friendship Is by Samarline
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When you stay with your bro to comfort him during his transformation. Danganronpa AU, where Kiyotaka was cursed to turn into a dog because of his grandfater's misdeeds as politician. Mondo Oowada and Kiyotaka Ishimaru (c) Spike Chunsoft
Sudden Tail by Hukeng
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You can´t hide things like this forever...
Gynosphinx Montage 2 by Tim-Kangaroo
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Some more sphinx drawings. The first two are relaxed poses; the last one looks like someone made the mistake of attacking my temple.
Dog Filter - Dog TF by Dondedun
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Wow, the new dog filter is incredibly realistic!
Lycanroc body swap by Sa_no
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