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bou hoo by THE COAST IS NEAR
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So I lost the seasonal job because I can't shift fast enough. ------ Wanted to do more of a "realistic sketch" style here. Well, more "realistic" than most other stuff I draw.
Guardian Lion by Taitora
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He should have respected instead of just taking a few photos. Now he has at least a hundred years to learn while he is guarding this temple from harmful spirits.
COWnting on This by Fox-Fireborn
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Ayyyeeeee, more puns! There's at least one more pun before we'll be taking a dive back into some digital art. Yes, I know the lettering sucks. Could I have done some edits in post? Probably. Did I? Naw.
Sphinx of Stone by Gryphius
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Some sphinx-ey TF to practice rendering stone in watercolor
Why I Otter... by Fox-Fireborn
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Hallo! Apparently I just got approved to post stuff here, so I'll be throwing up some older drawings over the next few weeks (Nothing dumpy, don't fret) and then I'll post what I draw after ^^ Anywho, older pic, done in 2017, traditional, and a nice TF-themed pun!
The year of the Rat by Danwolf
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Comission for Wolfoup Be careful with cheese left by rodents,It will be the year of Rat next year ! Who knows what can happen B3 Nah probably nothing baaaad
Secret by Taitora
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...are you... afraid of me...?
Midnight Thief by Taitora
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"Look what we got here..."
Patreon Sneak Peak - Fur and Cloth Study by tfancred
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Just a little study I did on my patreon! Want to see more of those? Well, become my patreon! Note that I will be a bit quiet for the next week though because... Well, Christmas and extra work to do in the real life but you still have a lot of extra work to see there from me, including a 42 pages tf comic : Ye Olde Shop.
[$] Pretty in pink by Honey-Bear
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Commission for Nothere on FA!