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An Unfezant Malfunction by Garig1510
2179 views, 21 favorites, 2 comments
Gotta be careful with your Pokeballs! If you happen to get a faulty one, it can lead to some, uhh... 'unforeseen consequences'. This piece is a Secret Santa gift for someone over on FA! They wanted their character turned into a Pokemon, and I was happy to oblige: with a faulty Nest Ball changing them into an Unfezant! (Also put Pheasant for species because that's what Unfezant is based on, heh.) Next to being something new and different to me, this was also an awesome project and a very f...
Coffee Moo by Hukeng
2434 views, 20 favorites, 1 comment
Side effects aside, it´s still a pretty great organic latte.
Lucky (?) Rabbits Foot by Dondedun
2035 views, 29 favorites, 1 comment
She'd heard that having a lucky item would help her get better at basketball, she didn't anticipate how though.
Strange Milk by Dondedun
1392 views, 16 favorites, 0 comments
Hmmm, that milk that taste weird...
Magic Mouse Mishap by Dondedun
1448 views, 24 favorites, 0 comments
That feeling when you try to impress the girl you like with magic but accidentally cast the wrong spell and turn yourself into a mouse
Secret Santa: ValentineTF by LanceNightingale
3827 views, 52 favorites, 4 comments
For a secret santa thing going on over on FA o3o
Witch`s Cauldron by Hukeng
3002 views, 23 favorites, 1 comment
Things like this are bound to happen when you dabble in polymorphic concoctions that are way beyond your level of expertise...
Contract Disputes by MaLAguA
9497 views, 61 favorites, 10 comments
I suppose the lesson here is to always respect business end hours.
shark TF by Kaju
3979 views, 25 favorites, 1 comment
shark TF
Mixed Reality by WhenWolvesCryOut
4447 views, 84 favorites, 3 comments
Mixed medium transformation. Hadn't done one in a while, so I thought I'd make one out of a sketch that had come out well. Traditional brush on the left, digital linework and color on the right.