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ShapeChangersTail- by CaliforniaKitFox
4 images, 55416 views, 177 favorites, 32 comments
A Shape Changer's Tail
Sid by Birvan
5 images, 55344 views, 139 favorites, 14 comments
One of the 3 transformation sequences I did for IoDM, in this case Sid being turned into a Viperfish. Since the shop closed I decided to simply post everything and break the suspense
YurikoTF by Cobalt_K
7 images, 55152 views, 532 favorites, 23 comments
My first official commission, and it's a doozie. A snow leopard girl disguised as a human uses a collar to return to her original form. Too bad she didn't realize the garden she transformed in has magical powers of its own! The TF goes haywire, hilarity ensues, etc etc. Featuring anthro TF, taur TF, and clothing TF. Full image descriptions can be found on FurAffinity:
snake by PickleJuice
10 images, 53874 views, 143 favorites, 4 comments
snake tf page 1 - peeing on the side of the road
Testsubjectsm by Arania
4 images, 53829 views, 159 favorites, 21 comments
Recently updated to include a fourth image - a final, maddened version of the character (Done in watercolors :3 ).
asian dragon slime transformation by Kaju
5 images, 53412 views, 282 favorites, 25 comments
1.A pink egg was hatched. Red slime comes out from that and takes him in. 2.The slime covered his upper body. He struggles to escape, but the slime does not leave it. And I let his body change in quality. 3.His body grows like a snake. And he transformed himself into an Asian dragon. Finally the foot of the human being part who stayed is absorbed to slime. 4.The slime completely wrapped up his foot. He struggles to remove slime, but the slimes are not produced. And the tail grew, too. 5.The ...
Scot Skunk Jyomon Suit TF by Fox0808
6 images, 52854 views, 156 favorites, 25 comments
This is a 6 page sequence that I'll be updating over the next few days. Done as a commission for Scot Skunk on FA and DA. His character (Scot Skunk) receives a suit of another character (Jyoumon) as a gift from a certain someone, and he tries it on.. And well, you'll see the rest! ;)
Lux by Coyoteskin
4 images, 52730 views, 425 favorites, 29 comments
Photogenic Phase by Kazen
5 images, 52723 views, 226 favorites, 30 comments
Another transgender commission I got. The idea was, a 'photo album' appearance of images taken of the process of transition. Edited the final piece. Hopefully fixed!
Secretary by Bendzz
4 images, 51802 views, 377 favorites, 9 comments
Just a random collaboration with Deiser for Easter.