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victor by Bilious
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Another IoDM sequence: Victor also has no idea that the lab's experimental tegu serum will go horirbly awry as well! Hasn't shown signs yet- the man remains ignorant of his horrific fate. edit: Victor has reached 75%! hosnap, is the serum supposed to do THAT?
Nuts Over You by Amber-Aria
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While trying to enjoy a little picnic to himself, a strange acorn gives this poor fella a good bonk from outta nowhere. While trying to figure out who the nutty prankster is, he's unaware to some peculiar changes of the fuzzy variety... This was a sequence I drew on request of my boyfriend. He's a fan of the fluffy-tailed critters~ :3
ivy by Arania
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Heh, it's hippocampus time, apparently ^_~. Been sitting on this one for a while, but with Ivy recently completing her changes at IoDM it's time to post :3. This is one of my favorite sequences, Ivy, Sp1ffy's character, into a hippocampus (combination of horse, lionfish, and pink river dolphin for the effect).
JTdonkey by KelvinTheLion
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James and Tyler go to Pleasure Island. 4 page comic.
pyroth by Arania
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Pyroth from the Island of Dr. Moreau, Baneful's Character. Unlike many of the already unfortunate islanders, Pyroth's fate is even worse - to become a nonmorphic coyote. Sequence now complete!
Future Actaeon by Tim-Kangaroo
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24 March 2009: Another one from the ancient archives: An updated take on my favorite myth, the story of Actaeon.
vasile by Sirenz
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This is Vasile DiRossi. He is Kamiki's character for an RP pet shop on Gaiaonline. He was a stuck up movie star who arrived at the Island of Dr. Moreau.. What could the Dr. have in store for him?
-wyraach by Corvidima
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Commission for Wyraach-Ur
Tail! by Mrpersonperson
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Oldish TF sequence that was done for practice! :)
shaggydog by Ealadubh
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