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strange-candy- by Swatcher
3 images, 40795 views, 129 favorites, 11 comments
The hyena perfume by Danwolf
7 images, 40759 views, 148 favorites, 18 comments
A comic sequence I've been working for a year with huge pauses. (That's why the style looks improved on the last one) Dan searching for a potion and found an another dangerous one. UPDATE : FINALLY FINISHED !
Unicorn by TfProxy
2 images, 40754 views, 73 favorites, 20 comments
I was asked by Lizardman this morning to make up a picture for a cover of a story he's doing. Its a businessman-type turning into a female unicorn. Its a little different than the story describes, but I thought it was a good pic anyways and decided to finish it up.
nm-sealskin by Tincrash
8 images, 40742 views, 157 favorites, 17 comments
Here is my half of an art trade with @EalaDubh. He wanted a series involving himself walking down the beach and encountering a magical seal skin. The whole thing is about 8 pics long and I really dig it =) I am glad that Eala loves it too =)
seth by Arania
5 images, 40290 views, 87 favorites, 12 comments
Seth Callaghan, a grubby, sloppy networking specialist from Australia finds himself on the Island of Dr. Moreau and becoming a trademark species from his continent - a thylacine ... Now complete. I'll be uploading a few completed IoDM sequences here in the next week or two which the owners' have seen the final versions of already.
Jtwolf by KelvinTheLion
3 images, 40141 views, 326 favorites, 30 comments
James and Tyler meet a lady werewolf
Isla Grace - Full TF by Dusker78
6 images, 40134 views, 294 favorites, 5 comments
(6 of 6) A semi non-canon TF sequence from my comic, Professor Amazing and The Incredible Golden Fox. These images are of the comic's protagonist (well, one of the two), Isla Grace. Please visit the comic's website at for a preview video and the first few pages (updated every Friday). There are no TFs in the comic as of yet, but it will be very much TF-centric. If you'd like to see the comics a month ahead of time and in high definition, please become a Pat...
cirerat by PickleJuice
6 images, 40007 views, 140 favorites, 7 comments
It's a TF attack! Someone has a ray gun and is turning this guy into a rat...
Working Overtime by Amber-Aria
6 images, 39837 views, 570 favorites, 39 comments
Let’s have my first post for the new year be a cute, productive one. Here’s an adorable sketch comic that I was asked to draw for Mr.Nibz on FurAffinity, of a werecougar woman and her husband sharing a cute little back-and-forth as she tries to keep working through a full moon. (And as a note, Mr. Nibz wrote the dialogue for this comic.)
Evidence (Naga TF) by Lucern7
5 images, 39804 views, 153 favorites, 16 comments
A commission from jkrolak involving a female agent investigating the pharmaceutical company MorphoDyne for evidence proving they do illegal experiments behind closed doors. However after making a wrong turn through the ventilation system, she ends up becoming the evidence she was looking for. Note Metamorphosis is misspelled on the first page. It was rasterized by the time I noticed so I couldn't fix it.