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Bianca to Vires by Fringedog
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A sequence I was commissioned a long while ago. A woman changes into her other persona while investigating about dragons...
smch p by Mirandaleigh
3 images, 36500 views, 78 favorites, 3 comments
Hunter's Moon Chapter 2 sneak peek: Zombies attack and Sergei transforms under a full moon. Charlie's problems go from bad to worse. Download Ch. 1 at my store: These are concept sketches.
DayatthePark by PedestrianWolf
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Commission. Two guys go to a park to play some frisbee. They get a little too into it. XP
Curse Of The Were-Teddysmall by MjR
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A little later than I hoped..... but here is something I've been wanting to do for a long time and thinly fitted a were-theme around it..... sort of a parable in this not to get too consumed into your interests or you'll could be consumed by it. It would be great if someone could make this into a full story.
Biker Skunk Babe by Cobalt_K
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Protip: Never badger your girlfriend into adopting a lifestyle she doesn't want. Karma won't be kind to you. (And neither will your girlfriend.)
Goo-d Times (Complete) by Sl1psh0d
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Suddenly, a comic! Pretty interesting 3 page goo comic for TDK and RyanR. Two frat-boys seem to have found themselves in a mysterious situation! Lets see what other shenanigans these two bros will find themselves in~! Page Three: Completed 3/3
OSC: Sequence: The Phoenix Cloak by Jakkal
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Alternative origin sequence for Shaytalis's Phoenix character and how she managed to possess an unsuspecting woman. The woman, a mage, wanted a cloak that would inspire awe and give her a look of power. She tried on this cloak with some unwanted consequences. Jan 29, 2017 Edit: Added in a new third image in the sequence. Dec 29, 2018 Edit: Added in two new images that are sort of additions. I'm not really sure where the 6th one goes, where it's wrapping around her, as it doesn't fit th...
nm-draccoontgtfpt by Tincrash
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Artist Hunts by Tomek1000
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Hi all its time to start hunts on artists i plan to tf all artis who did tf me or plan to tf soon all of them will get into my trap and turn into what i will want them to become muhahaha first victims are vulpinekeyblader virmir wachout coz you dont know who will be next! (ps this comic is some way of my realaxing i draw it without sketh so its a bit test every page XD) (PS i add in this comic only artist or people who did art where transformated me into something coz this comic is s...
Giraffe bros rvb by Kamila
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hahaha nice shot i forgot to color the statue in pic 1 xD anyways love if you want !! poor brother .......... bad moment at the wrong place i' m doing earlier stages juste wait and see ^^