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snake TF by Kaju
2 images, 34212 views, 176 favorites, 4 comments
commision art
samagthrachange by PickleJuice
3 images, 34045 views, 168 favorites, 14 comments
Samagthra changes from a human to a spectacular dragon.
Fox Date by Vultsky
12 images, 34005 views, 171 favorites, 62 comments
Hooray! All done, hope you guys enjoyed! Again, huge thanks to fox-fireborn for doing this commission for me. Let me know if you want more of this type of stuff! This is a commission I got from
Taste Test 1 by Swatcher
4 images, 33954 views, 99 favorites, 10 comments
Try this free sample of FlavorGel! It's filling!
And There Will Be Ke'ek by Atalhlla
2 images, 33896 views, 95 favorites, 9 comments
Alternative title, which I vetoed immediately: Let Them Eat Ke'ek. Reason: Just No. Two page spreads done all graphic novel style :U Jeramy Fraser was just walking home from a late night of work when he was mugged by a pair of ne'er do well breasts.
bigdogsm by Arania
10 images, 33705 views, 97 favorites, 1 comment
Another of my recent sequences that I had yet to put up on transfur. A young man, tryign to shirk the bill for a bed and breakfast, tries to sneak out in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, the old proprieter had ways to ensure that that didn't happen. As he transforms into a big sheepdog, nostalgic memories of the good time he had come flooding back as do a newfound loyalty to the genial old man.
A Thief's Reward by Narubi
5 images, 33548 views, 204 favorites, 7 comments
(now complete!) A girl comes across some unexpected consequences from stealing a necklace...
Emilio sketch by Loboleo
5 images, 33534 views, 149 favorites, 28 comments
This is a small work I'm doing for for a Friend's comic. These are his character and due the limits of pages you wont see much detail in the tf. Yeah no tails ;( , but I thought you'd may like it. Beyond page 5 there is some fight that I don't thing worth posting :p. Decided to not check it as sketch here since the final line are visible. Take care.
Komodo Dragon TF by Oter
6 images, 33306 views, 274 favorites, 25 comments
A commission for Artguy over at FA. Edit: New image added, years after the tf.
Fishing For Power by Banana_of_Doom
6 images, 33256 views, 128 favorites, 5 comments
No Luminari category, obviously. Giant fishlady because of an amulet.