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Ulfkelltiger by Arania
9 images, 32555 views, 74 favorites, 3 comments
Ulfkell - a friend's character- who can become a tiger.
ANewWorld by Fringedog
3 images, 32501 views, 204 favorites, 19 comments
Commissioned by Kyreeth. The third and final page was long due since a while, delays having prevented me from working as much as I liked to per art session. Still, I'm glad with how his final dragon form turned out :)
Nait's foxy gift by PickleJuice
3 images, 32452 views, 159 favorites, 6 comments
A guy meets a werefox. TF ensues. Gift art from Tain Gou to Tjanggou
squirrelboy by Terrifel
2 images, 32426 views, 153 favorites, 22 comments
This image is based on a fever dream I had a while ago, and is drawn in the style of the 'You'll never improve if you obsess to the point where you never finish anything so just bite the bullet and DRAW' school of art.
Tanuki by NNBTK
3 images, 32391 views, 111 favorites, 9 comments
This is my character Tara. She doesn't really transform, I just did this for the hell of it. Really old sequence that I redid recently.
brownwolftfwebsize by Fox0808
5 images, 32337 views, 189 favorites, 22 comments
Commission for Takeshou13 over on FurAffinity. He's tf'in into his brown wolf fursona, Cael. There really is no cause for this one, it just kinda happens :) Enjoy!
nathan by Bilious
5 images, 32225 views, 160 favorites, 4 comments
Recently Nathan's player quit IoDM, so I have been given permission to post his sequence in full! Nathan Moriarty on the Island finds himself slowly turning into a monstrocity akin to a minotaur :O by the end, I figured he'd turn his leather pants into a spiffy loincloth >:3
chert by Bilious
3 images, 32223 views, 84 favorites, 9 comments
As always with the sequences for the IoDM RP, each sequence is actually completed, but will only be uploaded as the character changes in the game. Recently, one of the artists for another character had to back out, so I took up Chert here- Nicholas Moreau's highschool bully, later brought to the island for vengefull purposes >:3 Behold, his slow transformation into a rat!
Goolien TF(Kerberos) by Kaju
3 images, 32069 views, 163 favorites, 14 comments
Goolien (Goo+Alien)
Volleyball Accident by Little Napoleon
2 images, 32024 views, 216 favorites, 7 comments
Ear scritches have a peculiar effect on Nekonny... Nekonny, N-Chan, Yuki & Tina (c) Nekonny Art by me!