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The Swan Prince by HamsterToybox
17 images, 30171 views, 63 favorites, 11 comments
EDIT: More added. EalaDudh has been tweaking these in Photoshop. After a long break, another commission for EalaDubh. Will be adding a lot to this over the coming weeks.
YCHA"Anubis goo TF" by Kaju
7 images, 30090 views, 124 favorites, 2 comments
A Dragonslayer's Curse by Narubi
5 images, 30003 views, 321 favorites, 15 comments
An ancient curse has finally caught up with this family for their past actions... Commission done for a user on DA :0
trixorz by Cobalt_K
8 images, 29936 views, 140 favorites, 16 comments
An old sequence circa 2004. It's never been shown to anyone...until now! A girl quickly learns the danger of eating discount-price imitation cereal. Apologies for the captions.
11 Stage Christmas Puppy by Janexas
11 images, 29810 views, 228 favorites, 13 comments
Spacix Commission for Christmas :)
A woman Scorned by Janexas
7 images, 29725 views, 164 favorites, 23 comments
Poodle Girl Transformation Sequence Commission for Thrandrall on Deviantart for his blog here.
Pulling His Own Weight by everruler
6 images, 29725 views, 191 favorites, 17 comments
Artwork based on story by Bob Stein Story:
Adele by Mookyvet
2 images, 29697 views, 236 favorites, 5 comments
A two-part transformation piece for Greywolf26 on FA. Can I just say that pink hair = the best? Because it totally is.
Diving for troubles by Jakkal
7 images, 29626 views, 149 favorites, 7 comments
Commission for @Ealadubh of himself on a scuba dive, and he finds trouble mounting against him. Edit: Jan 24, 2016 Added in #5 between the existing pages.
Easter Kigu by blackshirtboy
2 images, 29542 views, 235 favorites, 6 comments
Easter cosplays.