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Dog Collar TF by Fox0808
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Sketch Commission done for Apsol :D
kung fu by Currerbell
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A preliminary sketch for a sequence idea I had--an aging and desperate character actor agrees to undergo a controversial new procedure in order to secure a part as the lead villain in a kung-fu movie. Little does he know that the role isn't that of a human...:-) Here, he is a bit put out with his agent, for pretty straight-forward reasons.
Commission: April O'Neill by HamsterToybox
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EDIT: It is complete! Turns out I love drawing rats. Of TMNT fame. This was a blast from the past, I loved the cartoon when I was a kid. I think the last time I drew April was about 15 years ago. The chemical being poured on her feet is a mutagen. Hey guys, I have TF stuff (And more) on my Patreon:
raccoon by JWB
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Hey look! Im not dead! As promised heres the final, finished, completed raccoon sequence! Thanks to The Kyle Raccoon (a.k.a. Rascal) for the idea and for his half of the trade which can be found at his site Thanks Kyle:)
Theos Cowout by Daniel-kay
3 images, 29303 views, 115 favorites, 7 comments
A Love Like Ours by Artist-Guy
5 images, 29210 views, 297 favorites, 36 comments
A request from werechu here Griffins! They're like birds and cats... like as if they were one creature and stuff! Uh. Look over there!
An Unfortunate Hammock Experience by Jakkal
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A whopper of a livestream sketch/color commission for @PaulRevere. BTW, I will not be doing this many in the future. This helped me figure out what my limit is for LS commissions! This character now has a name! Karen! And that pendant causes her change into a horse. She has to eat certain rare flowers to prevent herself from changing, which she's trying to store in a special dehydration canister. Hilarity ensues. I have a feeling this won't be the last we see of this character and her pro...
Punk Rock Displacement by Cobalt_K
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Commission for Mr.Nibz on FurAffinity. A pianist takes the stage for a performance, only to discover someone has left a double-guitar on stage. His hands suddenly wrench beyond his control, playing the instrument flawlessly, almost viciously, as changes overwhelm him.
passing witch by Binturongboy
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Commission for ealadubh featuring me! :3
No Bones About It! by Spacecat
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A joint TF commission for artguy and DJZing at FA! Finding themselves trapped in a very deep and unfortunately, irradiated hole full of old dino bones, they need to figure out a way out! Radiation does a body good <3 DJ is turning into a raptor/lizard hybrid and Artguy is an ancient crocodile!