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Bad Luck by Banana_of_Doom
4 images, 26020 views, 191 favorites, 10 comments
I suppose that completes the look she was goin' for.
Halloween TF Pinup - Werewolf by Oter
3 images, 25965 views, 236 favorites, 12 comments
A series in my series of Halloween themed pinup (and some not pinup) TFs.
allmine by Silverhyena
4 images, 25959 views, 227 favorites, 12 comments
Well...I've really been in a werewolf mood. So, I felt like doing one of those skinny teenage girls transforming into one...after a huge male werewolf bites her...and starts licking her. There's no nudity, but there is some suggestive content.
Once in a Blue Moon by everruler
2 images, 25913 views, 328 favorites, 11 comments
Commissioned by Agentcypher Interested in a commission? Go to
AmbroseTF by Arania
8 images, 25808 views, 73 favorites, 1 comment
Ambrose looks down in shock to see claws sprouting from his fingertips, confusion and disbelief written across his face, not noticing the slight pointing to his ears.
Pigging Out by Jakkal
4 images, 25773 views, 69 favorites, 3 comments
Commission for @Ealadubh of himself as a traveller in a medieval setting. He was able to secure shelter for the night in a barn, but at what cost?
The Importance of proper grooming by WhenWolvesCryOut
6 images, 25726 views, 124 favorites, 5 comments
A commission for Thrandrall over at . Someone buys a hairbrush from a magic shop. When she uses it that night, she doesn't seem to notice the changes happening as she brushes. It's not all that often I do colored stuff like this, but i'm trying to do so more often.
Old Life Drowned by Amber-Aria
3 images, 25615 views, 234 favorites, 13 comments
This is a sketch sequence for @thistle, for my 100 Sketch Challenge. The idea for this TF comes from a Tlingit myth regarding otters and what happens to people who drown. Having fallen out of his canoe in a wide, swift river, this poor young man fights to find the surface in the current before he drowns. A seemingly ordinary otter passes, seeing that his struggles are failing...
Unexpected Role by Narubi
3 images, 25558 views, 189 favorites, 10 comments
A girl is given an unexpected role to play when volunteering for Christmas sleigh rides... Commission for a user on FA :)
Eeveeination ( patron commission by KrazyIvan
3 images, 25508 views, 126 favorites, 13 comments
Something for one of my best guys for more stuff or earlier access consider becoming a subscriber