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Silly Putty by Virmir
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Trade with Vulpinekeyblader!
The Sniper by WhenWolvesCryOut
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Edit: Got the final page done! Put a lot of effort into making it look as nice as possible. ___ So I joined a bit of an art war over on deviantart, bringing in my little coder brat, Eisuke. He's the one with the stripes. Let's have some fun, shall we? (the next attack will have a bit more process to the change. I promise ) Featuring Jayronszki's Jay. Pages 6/6
Genuine Snow Leopard by everruler
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Commissioned by Tivadu. Interested in a commission? Go to
home by Ealadubh
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Here's something that doesn't come up very often; a raven sequence. Twelve frames in all. See what you think of this one.
Dragon costume by Kanada
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Down in the jungle.... by Rex_equinox
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Master88 And Kyridos go for a stroll on a tourist safari and get seperated by the group...
The Realm of Kaerwyn - Issue 8 TF's by Jakkal
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Quick synopsis for non Kaerwyn comic readers: The woman is from a desert world and does not know what islands or continents are. She's also being possessed by the one that controls the werewolves of Kaerwyn, which Endymion (The guy) has been afflicted with. -- More TF craziness in Issue 8 of Kaerwyn's webcomic. I'm only uploading the TF comic pages here. If you want to read the rest, you have to go to: http://tapas...
Mecha Furs' Cafe by Antiquity-Varmint
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I now have finally finished all eight pages! WHOO!! Eight pages, over 50 panels created so far. No regrets. Techno character belongs to the Beepy/Anteatr/robocoon. Techno have been used with permission.
Commission: Becoming you Page by Rex_equinox
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For @77chaos77
French Soldier by Wrathofautumn
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Commission for Emil Wolf. A French Soldier patrolling the Sahara Desert comes across a holy artifact and then stuff gets serious! 6/6 Complete! The changes are finally finished! The new soldier holds his sword high, ready to challenge those who'll stand in his way.