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(SC!) Hen Pecked by TeknicolorTiger
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Another series for my 100 Sketch Challenge. This one for Crowbb; some random chick turning into a real chick(en). Buk buk b'kaw!
The Delta Project: 'The Storyteller' by Jakkal
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This was the October 2018 comic for The Delta Project featuring @PaulRevere's Karen, who far too often finds herself turning into a horse at the worst possible times. This was the Halloween edition of TDP, and Karen is picturing herself in the place of the victim of the storyteller's tale. The Delta Project is an anthology of short comic stories involving shapeshifting. Patrons get to submit and vote on ideas for the pages of that month. Want to be a part of it? Join now! https://www.patre...
The Wolf Inside by Maglot
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My fursona, Maglot, is a werewolf. When I had my fursuit made, I specified that yeah he's a werewolf, he's snarly and rawr and stuff. Then it kind of hit me one day, and I thought "Hmm, you know I've never really drawn him transforming...or human very often." This problem has now been remedied!
nm-horseapples by Tincrash
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A commission for @Zho and @Firr.
A Tail Of Change And Love by Trevor_Fox
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For Ultipand on FA. He invited an anthro horse over to his birthday party, but the horse had a different idea of fun for the birthday boy.
thenomeking Dolphin pooltoy TF by Binturongboy
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Commission I got from @TheNomeKing.
Dragoncolor by Faolchu
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The first 6 sequence TF I've done- A man turning into a Dragon/ Wyvern; with a special thanks to Lars for the coloring tips :-)
BonusLg by Corvidima
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A big thank you to those that donated - you get the higher resolution sequence :D [For those that wanted a snake: I take no responsibility for my brain once my body shuts down for the night...weird dreams...]
Wolf goo TF by Kaju
2 images, 24265 views, 123 favorites, 3 comments
Egyptian Artifact Pt 1 Sketches by Mirandaleigh
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A statue turns into a griffon taur with a sort of masculine form.