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Dragonhood by Wuffy23
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Comic done as part of a trade with Holydrake over on FA If im honest this comic isn't as dynamic as I had in my head but I had to keep the comic from being too long lol, anyways it would seem the young man aka Holy Drake has finally found what he's been looking for, and look at that cool cloak! who couldn't resist trying it on and the statue sure doesn't need it, what could possibly go wrong?
Free Food by Wuffy23
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After receiving a letter advertising a seaside villa for rental with food and living facilitys taken care of 2 friends cant belive there luck and head strait over to check it out, Having travelled far to the remote villa what they find is pretty strange little did they know things would become stranger..... Following the surprise transformation a letter seemingly poofs out of fin air reading as so "To the new residents, I take it you found the artifacts. Due to this, the villa is now yours ...
osp by Liger
5 images, 24084 views, 61 favorites, 2 comments
Free at last he leaps into the air his new form ready for flight.
Thus Spake the Gods: Humans Suck by Sonicspirit
13 images, 24016 views, 51 favorites, 21 comments One day, the gods spoke, "Children, have ya learned nothing in all your struggles? Yeh all 're the same, and if we don't be teachin' you that, we wouldn't be doin' right by ya." And thus the world was changed. Across the globe, each creature, plant, and object received a kiss from the world itself, gifting each individual with new life. The life energy flowed through them, and awoke that which had been hidden deep inside. The spirits within shon...
Swan Maiden by Mookyvet
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Swan transformation that was commissioned by KermitYoung(FA). :) I really had fun doing this two-part sequence. Don't get to draw beaks that often! Image (c) Mookyvet Character (c) KermitYoung:
Blue Rubber Otter TF by Kaju
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commission art
Aramil by Wrathofautumn
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For an RP I was talked into doing. This is Aramil, an Elf Druid who was bitten by a werewolf as a child. Banished by his own kind, taken in by human clerics, he now wonders the world trying to survive as something he refuses to accept. I have more info on him on FA and DA. :3 But I'll post them here on the first few comments.
Hippocampus by HamsterToybox
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Edit 2: I forget to upload the 7th stage X( Edit: It is complete! I've spent the past few weeks working on a really long sequence for EalaDudh ( and still have more to go. Here's the first 5 to prove I haven't disappeared altogether :D This one is particularly interesting due to the underwater element, the addition being a second character, and the TF being more like modelling clay than the standard bones rearranging/flesh stretching - you'll see this ...
Digi-Virus by Altered
10 images, 23755 views, 58 favorites, 4 comments
From 2016; a computer virus forces Lodoss12 and myself to become deranged, transformation-obsessed digimon~
OSC: Holiday Mishap by Jakkal
4 images, 23661 views, 119 favorites, 1 comment
Commission for @Onom of himself enjoying some time at the beach, only to step on the sharp tooth of a wereshark.