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OSC: Sequence: Curse of Quetzalcoatl by Jakkal
5 images, 23612 views, 91 favorites, 14 comments
Commission for @Ealadubh of himself becoming the blood sacrifice for the return of Quetzalcoatl.
Procene Beach TF by Cobalt_K
5 images, 23606 views, 83 favorites, 3 comments
A commission for Procene on FA, turning into his fursona. Comes complete with water manipulating powers! I didn't have a specified trigger so I thought he'd cut his foot on some glass at the beach. Must have had a TF potion in it before.
Mal Pal Xx by KrazyIvan
2 images, 23573 views, 89 favorites, 4 comments
Brain was gullible enough to believe someone actually like him, in a way he was right just not who he'd intended. Patreon commision Re-upload due to context error and for some reason Transfur didn't let me upload the edited version to the same submission. Also added the original sketch, which was changed by patrons request.
Countess Eugenia Lycosa by K-Libra
3 images, 23557 views, 30 favorites, 2 comments
Commission for someone from The Process Forums. I finished this several weeks ago, but didn't post it immediately after finishing it A story even I still don't really understand, but here it is.
Neon Shift by Urbanvixen
3 images, 23556 views, 145 favorites, 9 comments
Commission for Petyee.
Phil's Killer Dive by Jakkal
4 images, 23446 views, 131 favorites, 8 comments
Commission for @PheagleAdler of his character Phil taking a dive with an unexpected turn. This was the result of a special TF Werecreature auction. I do not normally do this for commissions. Original auction information here: Like TF comics? Consider donating to my TF Comic Project:
Dragonewt Mask by Kaju
3 images, 23405 views, 120 favorites, 7 comments
I want such a mask
Dragon Anne TF by Robertge
4 images, 23394 views, 105 favorites, 10 comments
(1) Here we have our favorite canine Anne, actually clothed, and sampling a drink from a rather strange but interesting vender. She smiles as she takes the drink heartedly and gulps down the sweet drink fast. (2) After consuming the whole drink, Anne disposes of the can, but feels odd as she continues her day. Her breath can be seen even in the warm weather and her tail seems stiff. Even some parts of her fur seems to be more rough around the edges. (3) Anne now discovers why her drin...
Livestream Commission: Giraffe TF by Jakkal
5 images, 23381 views, 113 favorites, 4 comments
Man, I don't think I've drawn a giraffe since HS. In hindsight, I should have made the neck longer, but heck that's why these are livestream sketch commissions! This was for nothere. I'm not sure why she's shifting, but I have this feeling she asked to be able to reach the stuff on the top shelf.
Chinchintf by Strings
2 images, 23291 views, 62 favorites, 7 comments
No chinchillas!? I'll fix that. Who would have figured a text message could transform you?