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Red Panda Pet by PickleJuice
17 images, 22745 views, 101 favorites, 4 comments
Guy is gassed, shrinks, and transforms into a red panda. What's a guy to do? Become a pet, naturally. An elaborate collaboration Idea by Raizoku Inks by me Colors by
Prideful Pony by Demyxia
2 images, 22567 views, 67 favorites, 1 comment
A commission for Ealadubh of himself being corrupted into the unicorn personification of "Pride" by my character Nega.
Hallnourd got Floored by Atalhlla
2 images, 22504 views, 66 favorites, 2 comments
And foxed. Hah hah she's straddling him. That's a potion she's putting in his mouth, by the by an way an all that jazz
Prize Winner by Kitsunefan
6 images, 22456 views, 68 favorites, 5 comments
What could go wrong when taking photos at an abandoned carnival? Oh, that!
nm-GillTapir by Tincrash
6 images, 22440 views, 63 favorites, 2 comments
Commission for @GillPanda
Encryption by Ealadubh
3 images, 22380 views, 55 favorites, 32 comments
03/?? That's put the Latin hat on it. No going back now... Inks, letters and finishes by me, from pencils by Oren Otter.
[Comm] Curious Reading by K-Libra
3 images, 22354 views, 99 favorites, 9 comments
Sketch commission for Spacix of a lady starting her transition into becoming a lovely shiba inu. Looks like she found one of these really interesting stories online. She's never known about that transformation community stuff until now and she's so into it she's almost ignoring herself. Pretty soon she'll give into the whole ordeal.
Energy drink goo TF by Kaju
2 images, 22341 views, 62 favorites, 5 comments
Timid by Coyoteskin
4 images, 22322 views, 183 favorites, 11 comments
Commission piece~
Caught and Coon'd by TransformationAnonymous
2 images, 22303 views, 71 favorites, 3 comments
So, you were caught stealing from your master, and she finds out. Normally you get fired or kicked to the curb or some other form of punishment. Well, with witches, they're a little more harsh. Turns out, they're often looking for pets and familiars, so if you do them wrong, you tend to have a role to fill. I'm learning that the hard way. (There will be a second page, it's just not done yet. For now, just this.)