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rainstormsm by Arania
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Sequence commission for Silverfox :3. This is his character, Luna, an original aquatic creature design, and her origin story as she becomes... well, you'll see :3 A dreamer and a woman easily taken advantage of, she eventually wound up on the streets with her only possession being an old journal. At the end of her rope, in the middle of a drenching rainstorm, something magical happens... And yay also for working on my backgrouns ^.^ Now Complete.
charlieforma by Mirandaleigh
5 images, 74820 views, 142 favorites, 16 comments
Werefox Commie page by B by BlackRat
4 images, 74545 views, 574 favorites, 35 comments
4 page werefox commission for BP. Poor guy forgot his Transforming schedule... again. MangaStudio, Photoshop and painter 9
The Pig Witch by HamsterToybox
26 images, 74409 views, 117 favorites, 36 comments
EDIT: It is complete! Another sequence commission for @EalaDubh, who apparently never learns to stay away from magical people and objects XD I don't get to draw women very often, and drawing this has made me want to draw loads of pin-up girls. I'm going to be uploading this as I make it, to avoid the weeks of silence then the sudden art dump! Commission info here:
Little Kitty by Sutibaru
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Done for a art trade. Transgender + Transformation + Age Regression
hmTFscene by Mirandaleigh
9 images, 71379 views, 246 favorites, 20 comments
Scene far in the future storyline of my comic Hunter's Moon
page by Angrboda
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Two page inked commish for @thistle. Boy > golden retriever girl.
studytrans by WolfenMoondaughter
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Bia by Birvan
5 images, 70299 views, 113 favorites, 9 comments
One of the 3 transformation sequences I did for IoDM, in this case Bia being turned into a Rhinoceros Hornbill. Since the shop closed I decided to simply post everything and break the suspense
Unto Me P by Kazen
10 images, 69672 views, 515 favorites, 30 comments
Update: Now with resized images!