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Warmth by Hukeng
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Fire is a devastating, wild and roaring force of nature, but it can also embody warmth, light and safety - what would be more suited to fight one´s nightmares? Hadn´t done a comic in a while, so…
The Pig Witch by HamsterToybox
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EDIT: It is complete! Another sequence commission for @EalaDubh, who apparently never learns to stay away from magical people and objects XD I don't get to draw women very often, and drawing this has made me want to draw loads of pin-up girls. I'm going to be uploading this as I make it, to avoid the weeks of silence then the sudden art dump! Commission info here:
Dragon Inflation by Hukeng
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Commission for yowza, who also wrote the narration to go with it. If there is one thing young and aspiring wizards, mages, sorcerers and witches have in common - well, aside from their often hotheaded, arrogant or clueless demeanor - then it must be their ravenous thirst for knowledge. A near careless abandon to discover, experiment and hoard whatever tidbits of magic their newfound powers and knowledge allows them to understand. Like wide-eyed children seeing the world for the first ...
Furball (Animated) by Kzmaster
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For animated version, go here: ) (The first page plays once, don't know why, the rest of them loop properly.) Another artwork in the Character TF series from the Furry Basketball Association and the United Furry Football League. (The first one being here: ) For Full Behind the Scenes of how this was made (with my own commentary), go here: ...
Late Night Sketching by DstRoy
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There go your shoes, in an explosive manner. Shoe-splosion! A rare traditional two paged sequence from me, neither of which I don't usually do, or can't do. :D But here they are, and I'm a lil' proud of how they turned out :3 Except that I might have ran out of space on the first page.. :I This was completely inspired by UncannyCanine, and I made these as a trade with him. He is such an awesome person to work with :D And seems he didn't listen my warning; Late night sketching can be dan...
Goat TF Parker by Kaju
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Goat TF Parker
Secretary by Bendzz
4 images, 19518 views, 284 favorites, 9 comments
Just a random collaboration with Deiser for Easter.
OSC: First time? Just wing it! by Jakkal
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Commission for @arrowquivershaft of his character Richard who is a werehawk. This is his first time shifting by the light of a full moon. Edit: For those of you that wanted a sequence, your wish has been granted! Arrow commissioned 5 more images to go with it. (#4 was the original)
The right pond by Fennex
18 images, 76992 views, 413 favorites, 52 comments
Lucy has been searching far and wide for a genuine 'magical pond'. Now that she's found one she slowly starts to realize she might not have thought everything through properly.
Identity Crisis and Cuddles by Evion
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Ah, poor Gaius. The big lunkhead is my favorite target for transformation shenanigans and other misfortunes. I only torture him because I love him. <3 Doesn't stop the big guy from pouting whenever he gets the chance!