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OSC: First time? Just wing it! by Jakkal
6 images, 8908 views, 96 favorites, 9 comments
Commission for @arrowquivershaft of his character Richard who is a werehawk. This is his first time shifting by the light of a full moon. Edit: For those of you that wanted a sequence, your wish has been granted! Arrow commissioned 5 more images to go with it. (#4 was the original)
The right pond by Fennex
18 images, 77318 views, 413 favorites, 52 comments
Lucy has been searching far and wide for a genuine 'magical pond'. Now that she's found one she slowly starts to realize she might not have thought everything through properly.
Identity Crisis and Cuddles by Evion
2 images, 6882 views, 83 favorites, 8 comments
Ah, poor Gaius. The big lunkhead is my favorite target for transformation shenanigans and other misfortunes. I only torture him because I love him. <3 Doesn't stop the big guy from pouting whenever he gets the chance!
Ruffled Feathers by Hukeng
2 images, 4508 views, 49 favorites, 2 comments
Commission for Tain. Hypnosis and gryphon transformation!
Following Up by ArcticFFFox
6 images, 9789 views, 54 favorites, 1 comment
Soon after the events of me changing into Urtigg, Kuro's own inner dragon started feeling envious -- strongly craving to feel some fresh air again... and started forcing herself out. Pretty violently, too. Did some alt images for this one!
Islagrace-Changesm by Dusker78
2 images, 4756 views, 28 favorites, 3 comments
Here's a new picture of Isla Grace from my webcomic, Professor Amazing and The Incredible Golden Fox. The comic can be found at This isn't part of a sequence, just a stand alone picture with two variants (with special effects and cropped and without special effects).
Leon-Donk-Ani by PickleJuice
2 images, 9367 views, 26 favorites, 2 comments
Leon Donk animation Now with audio! If you like this sort of PG TF stuff, check out my patreon
YCHA"Anubis goo TF" by Kaju
7 images, 14671 views, 92 favorites, 2 comments
Shadowfox by Pessimist
4 images, 8709 views, 75 favorites, 2 comments
Featherweight - Human - Mouse TF (VORE) by Ametf
4 images, 13439 views, 56 favorites, 11 comments
Commission comic for Spacix. There's a Vore warning for the 4th image. Or just pretend mouse is a dentist.