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Bear Back Brawl by Comic
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Commission for Truttle over at FA. I seemed to have developed a slight reputation of tf as a form of empowerment. Has someone wronged you recently? Just turn into something with teeth and maul them.
[PreposedCom]-Dungeon Perils by Fringedog
8285 views, 82 favorites, 2 comments
When delving in ancient ruins in the wilderness, sometimes it is best to be careful when fighting the beasts and monsters that stand in your way... lest you get an hair of the cats that bit you. Commission for Graith_Tiger , who asked for fun were-sabretoothed tiger TF for their preposed commission :) Done based on this preposed offer:
Arachnid Temple by Ametf
3 images, 23878 views, 82 favorites, 4 comments
Commission for Lazuka on FA. While temple-raiding his character, Ren, finds some real pretty looking gems in this weird-looking pillar. I tagged fused legs even though it's sorta... the opposite? But I guess you call 'play it' backwards and see a drider TF into a human xD
White Knight Wyvern by Inkblot
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I wanted to draw more knights and dragons, so I decided to kill two birds with one stone! This is part of a story project I am working on with killer095 , Jesoran, and TheSoylentOrange on Deviantart. A proper story will be coming soon. I actually have one In the works so It will be coming soon enough!
Rubber Pod by Proxer
17346 views, 81 favorites, 1 comment
And to think Blackwell agreed to this.
duel by Ealadubh
12 images, 56840 views, 80 favorites, 7 comments
This is something fun that kwert and I whipped up today; a 12-frame round-robin sequence, with each of us doing frames in turn...
Spacix commission by Superboo
4 images, 15086 views, 79 favorites, 2 comments
A commission for spacix!
Asher by Zibyr
5809 views, 74 favorites, 4 comments
Argent Fatalis' char. A weretiger. Char is ©him.
dragon tf by Superboo
14508 views, 71 favorites, 3 comments
"does this tf make my butt look big" is probably not a question you wanna answer
LSC: Carnivorous Lunar Activities by Jakkal
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Livestream commission for @Onom of his werewolf character changing. He told me I could make the clothes whatever color I wanted, so I gave her the wizard shirt from the Kaerwyn comic.