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Werewolf? by Manto
3 images, 7003 views, 57 favorites, 7 comments
Why does coloring take so much time ? ;-;
Seeking power by Manto
2 images, 8885 views, 57 favorites, 11 comments
She knew the potion would turn her into a monster, but didn't expect it to be a three headed one... As the change started, an ache grew inside her head..
Raining On Your Parade by KrazyIvan
5489 views, 56 favorites, 5 comments
Patron commission Of course as is usual with me there is a nude version on my patreon page:)
Easy Eevee by KrazyIvan
2 images, 7583 views, 55 favorites, 11 comments
Doodle for an Eevee TF sequence
Tiger by Taitora
7 images, 7286 views, 55 favorites, 3 comments
Manticore by WhenWolvesCryOut
3092 views, 54 favorites, 1 comment
Trying to get past an art block. So have a doodle of a post tf MGE styled manticore.
River Otter by Oter
3 images, 10231 views, 54 favorites, 5 comments
Commission for orioles03 on FA
[Comm] Combat Karen by K-Libra
4 images, 8196 views, 53 favorites, 3 comments
A sketch commission sequence for @PaulRevere. I wanted to cover something none of his commissions have as far as her and her transformations go. That's when I realized that she's never been shown in combat. Fighting while transforming. That's something you don't see every other blue moon.
Frog Back by MjR
8371 views, 52 favorites, 3 comments
or the working title "FROG'S ARSE SQUELCHING OUT A PAIR OF TROUSERS" Something that has struck me in all my ten years of drawing frog I've never made a study of the back....and when frogs have such distinctive and interesting backs too. This is also another experiment into dynamic perspectives....which only proves I still have a lot to learn. Caught in mid transformation with plenty of clothes ripping and a full head of hair still remaining. This is the cleaned up re-scan.
Secret Santa: ValentineTF by LanceNightingale
3630 views, 52 favorites, 4 comments
For a secret santa thing going on over on FA o3o