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Were-Bat-Eared Fox by Niche
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I wanted to do a little more detailed drawing than I have been doing recently, and its been awhile since I did a painful tf, so here's a very intense transformation of myself into a were-bat-eared fox. I'm quite pleased with this one, very happy with that expression, and do not ask where the pants went. I was sick of drawing pants. Might do more with this in the future.
Akita dog TF by Taitora
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This one for Andy on Furaffinity. Who just turned into his adorable Akita fursona. He won the raffle since August but I just had time to drew for him.
Proper Gym Etiquette by KrazyIvan
4441 views, 43 favorites, 6 comments
Don't Drop the Weights!
Bunny Shoot by KrazyIvan
6168 views, 42 favorites, 2 comments
Eggsemplary Work...
Getting used to new legs by Mxmaramoose
5095 views, 42 favorites, 4 comments
Looks like Orange Tom here is going to have to figure out the hard way how to use four legs instead of two....
Werewolf - Monochrome by WhenWolvesCryOut
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Week four! following in the theme of trying something different each week, this week it's ripped clothing, and black/white cell shading. If anyone wants to throw any new ideas or suggestions at me for future TFTuesday stuff, either style or subject, feel free! It'll me help keep things varied. ------------ This page was available early to $5 patrons over on my Patreon page at Daily sketches are uploaded to the page publicly as well.
Quadrupedal wereshark dude by THE COAST IS NEAR
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You know what week it is. It's sharkfest on national geographic channel
Ram TF by Blacksheeptfs
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Spent a little too much time in the field
[LS]-Inescapable change by Fringedog
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Commission for Ealadubh Done during the "Dungeons&Werewolves" theme week.
Wolverine by Rey
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One too many asshole customers.