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Not Summer Yet. by DstRoy
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What's better than turning into a fluffy samoyed in a warm day at a beach? I believe my oc here, mr. Miles has an answer. My very first try on canine tf, sequences, and abs. And this was so much fun to draw. :D The second pic in this sequence is the first one I drew and whilst drawing it everything just kinda happened, and this was the result. And in the same momentum I drew the other two. I don't usually like what I've drawn, but the second pic is one of the rare occasions. Why can't it be ...
Panda by Weazel75
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Mouse Floss by Comic
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Thought this'd be a nice thing to share. I tried some different things, but its just a quick tf short and sweet.
In Deep water by Kuzim
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This is also one of my older TF images. the picture links with a story of mine; IN DEEP WATER, which can be found on Deviantart: i like the image of the legs shrinking and the arms in transition between hand and paddle.tell me what you think?
One Size Fits All by Banana_of_Doom
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She's not wrong...
Livestream Commission: Karen and Procene Meet! by Jakkal
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Last Minute Update: Procene and PR decided to get another image, where the stuff that allows Procene to talk is wearing off. Is there more to come? Well that's up to Procene and Paul Revere! July Update: Finally, the final images. This sequence is complete! Karen finally found her flowers, and she's starting to change back. She relaxes in the natural hot springs of the area. Procene tries to relax, finds it's rather difficult. Jun 3 Update: Three more pics. A wild blizzard appears! ...
That Time Of Year by Weazel75
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How am I supposed to draw like this!?
Swan Maiden by Mookyvet
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Swan transformation that was commissioned by KermitYoung(FA). :) I really had fun doing this two-part sequence. Don't get to draw beaks that often! Image (c) Mookyvet Character (c) KermitYoung:
Commission: Getting Out Lined by Lucern7
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A commission from Princemouse on DA : where his character Erik becomes a rabbit of cartoony style and origin. The magic outline was my idea.
cursed bridle by Superboo
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commission for @whiteflamek