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Frog Tounge by MjR
8167 views, 32 favorites, 9 comments
I know my submissions are few and far between and I know it's another FROG pin up but what do you expect its my characters 10th anniversary this year.
Unexpected Role by Narubi
3 images, 24892 views, 186 favorites, 10 comments
A girl is given an unexpected role to play when volunteering for Christmas sleigh rides... Commission for a user on FA :)
She's Cute when she's Angry by K-Libra
12355 views, 37 favorites, 4 comments
A request for someone. It was fun to work on something cute like this. Valerie sometimes loses control of herself when she feels she's being pushed around. She's small, but fierce. RAWR! XD I think later on, I'll draw her all grown up.
Matter Over Mind by Ealadubh
13764 views, 59 favorites, 7 comments
Another of those 'always read the label' situations. Metamorpher came up with the weight loss gag, and I ran with it (such being the point of a diet and exercise plan).
Obligatory 'Oh no! My shoes!' by Demyxia
9792 views, 112 favorites, 3 comments
Commission for Post on FA~
Commission: Out You Go! by TigrisG
12322 views, 50 favorites, 10 comments
He transformed from human-to-bird when entering a bar. The bouncer checked his ID and clearly doesn't believe the human on the card was himself. "Out you go!" Commissioned by Arrow Quivershaft
perfume by Tamen
28702 views, 232 favorites, 18 comments
Another commish, TF to skunk via perfume!