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Mislabeled Advertising - Cow TF by MageOmega
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Story coming later. Colored during a couple streams where some VERY AWESOME PEOPLE(You know who you are) gave me some major tips to help improve my coloring and shading. I think this is one of my best pieces done so far. THANK YOU! Enjoy
A Helping Hoof by Ciervo
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Recently, Lance Foxx has been feeling a little unusual. Like he has too many toes. Like chickens just don't cut it anymore. Like he should be stronger, sleeker. Luckily, when friends have those feelings, I'm here to help. I've got a dozen sets of shoes in the back shed just for this circumstance, and will help you put them on! Just give me a little prior notice, if you can. --- The first digital painting I've done that's been wholly digital painting - and included a background, though b...
Theos Cowout by Daniel-kay
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donkeytf by Childofdune
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People keep ending up in these cursed barns.. you would really think they would know better by now.
horsefarmer by Hyenashifter
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Someone's sleepin' in the barn tonight.