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Beaver Fever by Hukeng
3508 views, 50 favorites, 1 comment
"When everyone who had taken a swim at the lake started developing an inexplicable appetite for wood, the executives of the nearby chemical waste disposal plant quickly issued a disclaimer blaming the phenomenon on an obscure new dieting fad from overseas. However, once the local creeks and canals started to get obstructed by makeshift dams of unknown origin, further investigation by one grumpy old sheriff and a quirky reporter from the big city revealed the shocking truth..." Another random ...
What flavor is it? by Niche
2885 views, 26 favorites, 2 comments
Birthday gift for Shadowfox.
Beaver Tf by Niche
2321 views, 38 favorites, 1 comment
Older drawing, gift for Shadowfox of a beaver tf!
You're a beaver now by Splice
5221 views, 37 favorites, 11 comments
Went near a river, came back a beaver.
Canadian Vacation Destination by Kitsunefan
9100 views, 44 favorites, 28 comments
I myself have never been to this northern frozen wasteland However I am 99% sure this is how you get in it
Mantiens le Droit by Little Napoleon
13843 views, 102 favorites, 15 comments
Constable Victoria Nawson's teeth were chattering so hard, they almost hurt. She knew being so nervous was unbecoming of a Mountie, but... well this was a big opportunity on the line! It was why she'd joined the RCMP in the first place: to represent Canada, her pride and joy, and to wear that Red Serge tunic recognized around the world. And here she was, with a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be ambassador of her country to a newly-discovered aboriginal community. One that had still had no co...
Better Living Through Forestry by Swatcher
6549 views, 16 favorites, 3 comments
A careless axe cut can mean the difference between a pleasant spring walk and an immediate change in careers.
Beaver-TF-fa by Swatcher
9428 views, 45 favorites, 7 comments
A gentleman finds himself turning into a cartoon beaver. These gigantic rodent teeth are tough to get used to!
chana by Emerwyn
2 images, 36239 views, 84 favorites, 10 comments
Now at 75% transformed!! However, I have still not added her 0 and 25. >D
dam scene by Soty
39113 views, 152 favorites, 4 comments
And who says shady waste disposal policies are ALWAYS a bad thing? n.n My half of a Secret Santa trade at TF Central. This one goes out to Rusty. :)