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Kitty Brian by Bilious
7613 views, 26 favorites, 2 comments
Brian the werecat in mid-transformation into a cute little housecat
daddysnewformula by Angrboda
48249 views, 285 favorites, 24 comments
After the success they'd had with his first syrums, Katherine Vulpine just couldn't resist trying out her daddy's new formula. Sorry for the sort of in-joke: see "what the fox". PS: Please help me; it appears that I CANNOT STOP DRAWING.
shelivesindarknes by BlackRat
27774 views, 173 favorites, 19 comments
Commie for a "goth" girl Cat transformation. No specific "goth" type was specified so I went with the cool looking breed :P Oddly, she looks a bit like my sister @_@.... Microns and ze painter again.
sandkitty by Angrboda
24292 views, 111 favorites, 2 comments
Sandcat TF in the same vein as the cowgirl and gryphon guy. Trying to keep my boys and girls even to keep everybody happy :3
Feline - Tondra by Halcyon
29319 views, 74 favorites, 7 comments
A slight feline TF. This is colored by me, I'm still learning from Lars and a few others. :) Tondra is a character from a sci-fi tabletop game. The daughter of a character I played.
nm-halfwaycat by Tincrash
19328 views, 46 favorites, 4 comments
Catwalk by CaliforniaKitFox
4700 views, 5 favorites, 2 comments
'Catwalk'. A werecat out for an autumn walk. Inspired by the Tom Baker version of Dr. Who.
nm-starting cattf by Tincrash
22082 views, 53 favorites, 3 comments
cat by Carillon
20963 views, 69 favorites, 3 comments
oh, yes...just another Cat
trinity by Carillon
21274 views, 28 favorites, 4 comments
If they are too small for you, let me know which one youd like to see bigger ;-)