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The Chase by Dragon-Storm
8281 views, 67 favorites, 3 comments
Commission for PalominoX at some point one of them is gonna notice that it got Africa in there
Cheetah TF Commission by Birvan
9294 views, 84 favorites, 12 comments
A "commission" I did in 2014. The guy didn't pay, but I had way too much fun with it (especially with the spots) not to share it One of the things I've noticed over time was how many anthros usually have a fully human torso and arms, fully animal head and tail and mixed or animal legs. But considering the term can stretch over many other designs, I decided to stretch things a bit ;p
Cheetah Head Game Strong - Commission by Ametf
11422 views, 38 favorites, 6 comments
Part 1 of a 2 part commission for CheetahFur on FA. I'm keeping the 2nd part a surprise :p Anyway, quite an unusual tf, but very interesting to do!
River Otter by Oter
3 images, 11156 views, 55 favorites, 5 comments
Commission for orioles03 on FA
I've been spotted! by Ciervo
8704 views, 72 favorites, 6 comments
Did an OC with @splice tonight; the premise was that I woke up... as an anthro cheetah (TFed via magic mask being stuck on my face during sleep). How would I react? Well... here ya go!
Cheetahd Cheetah by kitsunedark
8537 views, 46 favorites, 4 comments
This was a quick and old cheetah TF. A bit of weight gain on top of the cheetah TF,
Captain Umbrellion by Artist-Guy
10052 views, 28 favorites, 7 comments
A livestream drawing I was working on over several livestream sessions. A world without a man who protects us from the rain? Not a world I'd want to live in. Go Captain, we can't lose an iconic superhero like this! Attack his blue hair! Its got to be the blue hair!
Terrestris Somni Characters by Wrathofautumn
7931 views, 32 favorites, 9 comments
Following the original procedure, Forrest is looking at his new cheetah body. Based on the story here( Forrest "Gump" Hanks grew up in a lower-middle class family and contracted polio at a young age. His chances for survival were slim, and the damage to his spinal cord nearly left him permanently crippled. Through exercise of his legs and by sheer force of will, however, Forrest was eventually able to repair the damage to his body and became a healthy, ...
Blackwolf-Mixup by PickleJuice
15615 views, 42 favorites, 10 comments
It was fun for a little while, using the stolen Chemical X to transform into an animal. But that was only using a drop at a time, and he knew that a higher dose would render a permanent change. Then his roommates pulled a prank and filled the tub with it before he got in. Ohhh boy... BTW, I'm available for commissions. Help an out of work dope like me struggle by! I'd like to gather enough cash to buy an old clunker car before winter sets in Minnesota here. Thanks! Just click on my profile...
Run Duma Run! by Wrathofautumn
6324 views, 24 favorites, 6 comments
Run Duma Run! Run Duma Run! FASTER! FASTER! This was inspired by an episode of Phineas and Ferb called "Run, Candace, run!" You know, for a show that boasts how these two kids are going to all the coolests stuff before the summer is over, they have still yet to do a TF episode! Every show has at least one. But I digress. The episode is about how Phineas and Ferb develop shoes that will let them run proportionately to that of a cheetah. And I'm just thinking...that would make an awesome TF! ...