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Cheetah Girl TGTF- Color by Halfwing
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I... really don't have anything to say aside from the fact that it's a really rushed job. But since I'm going away for 3 weeks for my holiday I figured I might as well upload it now. @_@
Jeff by Yapi
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Commissioned by Jeff Baker for his friend. A guy who's about to make breakfast suddenly realizes he's starting to get looooong girly legs and a tail with cheetah fur, and it's spreading! I think the end product is a fully transformed anthro cheetah girl :P [EDIT: For those who are asking if this will be a series, sorry, nope. The guy who commissioned it only paid for one picture, so I'm afraid this is all there will be ^_^;)
chita by Birvan
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Yeah, I know this doesn't really count as a transformation, but that's 100% Colche. She's part of IoDM and was the first of the islanders to reach the full anthro stage. This is just my tribute to this lovely character ^^
colche by Arania
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Now complete, Colche has fully transformed into an anthropomorphic King Cheetah - going from a scared, abused woman into a beautiful, confident, elegant feline.
cheetahguy by Bilious
19806 views, 115 favorites, 6 comments
Recent comission- a birthday present for his friend, he had me turn his friend into a cheetah. X3 inked by hand and colored in Open Canvas
cheetahcollar by Angrboda
39810 views, 176 favorites, 14 comments
I think if you were slowly being turned into an anthro cheetah by the serum in your collar, you'd be pissed too.
cheetahrundone by Liger
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Cheetah Run Color
cheetahrun by Liger
5424 views, 8 favorites, 1 comment
Cheetah Run
spottyteef by Gryf
21311 views, 81 favorites, 3 comments
Pic of a friend turning all cheetahish.