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rftbt by PickleJuice
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With apolagies to BW, Alvin and Dobbes and the transmogrifying spritz bottle do battle! Artist Challenge complete!
horsetfinthechair by Tincrash
30672 views, 155 favorites, 10 comments
professor-slug-girl by MageOmega
14040 views, 21 favorites, 3 comments
A clumsy scientist does some testing without following the safety precautions she should have. Her associates always called her "clumsy with her hands," Now they wont need to worry anymore, as she doesn't have any!
Saber color by Corvidima
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Commission for Newenglander
tamandua by Terrifel
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MAD! They called me mad at the Academy... But at long last, I have finally perfected my Tamandua Elixir-- and now, with all the powers of the noble South American tree anteater, I shall RULE THE WORLD! MUHUHAHAHA-- hmm... Actually it does sound kind of crazy when I say it out loud like that. Maybe they were right about me after all! Anteater powers?! What was I thinking?!
christmas by TfProxy
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I decided at the last minute I couldn't let christmas pass without posting something. So I whipped this up this afternoon, between visiting and dinner. Fastest I've ever done a full pic I think.
liz by TfProxy
16771 views, 109 favorites, 8 comments
Pleasing taste, some monsterism
dam scene by Soty
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And who says shady waste disposal policies are ALWAYS a bad thing? n.n My half of a Secret Santa trade at TF Central. This one goes out to Rusty. :)
tf-lab by KelvinTheLion
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An old pic from a couple of years ago. I still had trouble drawing humans at this point. It's just THAT old! I forgot about it until I found it on my hard drive.
snaketf by Huginn
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Just an average morning in the genetics lab.