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Sparkly Dress by Luxianne
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Corset And Stockings by Luxianne
4051 views, 16 favorites, 0 comments
Shiny Red Shoes by Luxianne
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Lance's New Hooves by Ciervo
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Description from @Lancefoxx himself: I was struggling to remain human for the drive home after work, but now that I'm home, I'm turning into a real horse and I couldn't be any happier about it! Looks like I've been waiting all day for this. I look absolutely thrilled to see that my bare feet have turned into real horse hooves. I'd imagine that I'd try to hold the rest of the transformation back, not to avoid turning into a horse, but just to slow it down so that I could enjoy the rest of it a...
Punk Woodpecker Socks by Skychaser
3813 views, 31 favorites, 2 comments
Finnished yet? by Ciervo
5962 views, 70 favorites, 3 comments
Little collaboration with Blueballs from FA! I did the original sketch, he did the fantastic linework, and I tried coloring it in his style :)
No use hiding it by Demyxia
8254 views, 85 favorites, 2 comments
A commission for @wolfren of them enduring a slow TF/TG into their rubber raptor canid inflatable critter~
Thoughts by DstRoy
4248 views, 50 favorites, 16 comments
"Oh no, it can't be true. A.. A werewolf? Why me? But.. They aren't.. Does it hurt? Will I still be able to think clearly? Will the beast take over? Am I still me? Will I be hunted down as a monster? What if I hurt someone? What if.." First time transforming and the thoughts are racing in his mind. This piece was so much fun to draw! I've had the idea for this pic in my mind for a good time now, but I got so inspired by the work of an artist called neocoiote. (Or that's what he is called i...
Obligatory Christmastime Reindeer TF™ by Ciervo
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My contribution to an epic mass reindeer TF picture you can see here: :D
I'M BACK by LaraTheLabRat
8493 views, 38 favorites, 2 comments
In Pog form.