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tigboyd by PickleJuice
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After finding it on the path, he put the strange collar on by whim. It changed him, shrinking and transforming. He was a man, and now is a tiger boy. The boy runs a paw through his headfur and just takes a deep breath, drinking in the surrounding scents and feeling the heady rush of Knowing his surroundings without opening his eyes.c
If lost by LaraTheLabRat
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This is a really old one that Shadowchaser asked me to upload. I'm turning into a husky because I picked up a discarded veterinary tag on the sidewalk and made it into a zipper pull. Drew this the day after I found the tag. True story! Except for the part where I turn into a dog.
Experiment e by Edmol
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This is a new translation from SC.
Hello Kitty CS by Juanvaldez
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Watch out for those nasty import trinkets. (Now in color)
cheetahcollar by Angrboda
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I think if you were slowly being turned into an anthro cheetah by the serum in your collar, you'd be pissed too.