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Collie Stockings by Tgwonder
9192 views, 65 favorites, 0 comments
Stocking comes in various flavors, and change is randomize for every new owners. :3
Did I step in something by Edthebordercollie
8006 views, 63 favorites, 1 comment
suddenly dag by Edthebordercollie
7797 views, 42 favorites, 5 comments
one minute you're a human walking along, and then boom. you're a dog the next.
I have a tail? by Edthebordercollie
7473 views, 49 favorites, 4 comments
My character, discovering a new appendage.
Were Collie by Edthebordercollie
6876 views, 56 favorites, 3 comments
What better to protect the flock from werewolves than a were-collie
Tail Explosion by Edthebordercollie
6758 views, 45 favorites, 6 comments
were-herder by Edthebordercollie
6395 views, 43 favorites, 9 comments
there's no urge to hunt, or thirst for blood here. Only a deep burning desire to herd anything and everything.
werebcollie by Edthebordercollie
5971 views, 35 favorites, 2 comments
late halloween piece, were border collie.
party hats by Edthebordercollie
5885 views, 36 favorites, 1 comment
is there anything that won't trigger a random TF for Diz? bday gift for DizFoley
Paws!? by Edthebordercollie
4511 views, 36 favorites, 0 comments
my hands!