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Lightheaded... or bullheaded? by ToxicPhox
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"I feel dizzy..." I drew this on a neat little Oekaki run by Angerboda. Actually, most of what Ive got right now is from drawing over there! it needs activity though Y_Y Anyway, it's really simple :)
Adding to the Herd by Robertge
26147 views, 252 favorites, 16 comments
Theres nothing like signing up into a group. Especially when that group forces you to change genders and become a cow. Milk anyone? ;3
cowTF by Edmol
44310 views, 265 favorites, 11 comments
cani's transformation by Journey
2 images, 45420 views, 285 favorites, 5 comments
my Lastest pic for Apokol. I figured since we've already seen a cow that I didn't need to draw out her Transformation as long. also fixed the udders.
Forced Cow feeding by Zho
20266 views, 48 favorites, 3 comments
Being forced to drink mysterious milk!
Bull by PedestrianWolf
11952 views, 65 favorites, 1 comment
Did this as a prize for someone on DA.
Spontaneous Cowism by Flinters
23545 views, 176 favorites, 7 comments
Another MFF2009 sketchbook pic. Customer wanted a mostly changed girl to cow TF. Don't you just hate spontaneous cowisms?
VaycayCowAltEnd by Cobalt_K
44906 views, 206 favorites, 11 comments
Since so many people liked the Vacationing Cow sequence, it gave me the motivation to make this alternate ending I had tought up, where the girl completes her transformation, assumes her new role in life, and a couple of her friends even get in on the fun. The humongous diary entry is at FurAffinity:
VaycayCow by Cobalt_K
5 images, 60532 views, 417 favorites, 27 comments
A thematic sequel to Vacationing Kitty, and a very delayed entry for the "What I Did On My Summer Vacation" artist challenge. This time we follow a girl on her trip to India, where she slowly changes into a cow the longer she stays. Somehow, though, she and her friends remain oblivious even as the locals take more and more notice.
CowThemeOveralls by Cobalt_K
37478 views, 236 favorites, 4 comments
This poor cowgirl discovers just how inconvenient hooves are. She can't work the buttons or clasps on all the objects that have suddenly appeared on and around her. What's worse, something seems to be growing inside her overalls! Whoever gave her the collar that started the whole thing should be along soon to help her. Hopefully.