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Coffee Moo by Hukeng
1655 views, 17 favorites, 1 comment
Side effects aside, it´s still a pretty great organic latte.
Dairy-Cow-Tf by Dragon-Storm
3496 views, 16 favorites, 4 comments
I got a Patreon check it out! and enjoy this tease!
Bippity Boppity by Robertge
6405 views, 16 favorites, 0 comments
"Hey look, I'm getting the hang of this!" "mmmhff?!" Nothing like being a literal fat princess! Fat Bovine Princess is rekzar on FA.
Mess With The Bull And You Get The Horns by Zilepo
2334 views, 15 favorites, 3 comments
Anyone ever tell you that age old idiom, "ya mess with the bull, you get the horns"? Because honestly I never had before this. Yeah, I was out at night when I shouldn't have been and may have done some cattle tipping, but it was honest fun! Until the farmer came out and screamed after us that we'd get the horns... I didn't think much of it until I got home, and it was then that I realized I'd gained a hefty amount of weight, and a tail... and most definitely horns. I hope this isn't permanent......
Strange Milk by Dondedun
939 views, 13 favorites, 0 comments
Hmmm, that milk that taste weird...
COMMISSION GOOD (???) FORTUNE by ReddishMaroon
6457 views, 11 favorites, 0 comments
commission for angstskunk!! who the heck writes fortune cookies anyway. it's the dream job. I WANNA BE THAT GUY i'd write the best fortunes
Cow Mondays: Cael by Robertge
3648 views, 10 favorites, 0 comments
A strange happening seems to be going on! Monday's are the days where a strange phenomenon occurs, in mostly males. This phenomenon being that their gender's are switched for the day, their species swapped to that of a cow's! No one understands how or why it works, but most don't care and just grope themselves anyways. caelthunderwing on FA hasn't changed genders, but she has put on some pounds! The transition from flammie to curvy bovine did a number to her wardrobe but she doesn...
Cow TF by LaraTheLabRat
5627 views, 10 favorites, 0 comments
More abstract furry to animal stuff with that one dude.