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Do you even lift, bro? (Commission) by Ciervo
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Because you don't look it. I mean, look at Ryan here. You can tell he's been using the revolutionary Bov-Flex Fitness System TM by the effect on his musculature! No bullcrap here, folks, just honest-to-goodness 100% USDA Grade-A beef! --- Commission for :lostcat461:, done in stream, 3.5 hours. We broke a viewers record - 23 at one point!
Some Repairs Needed by Daniel-kay
16828 views, 76 favorites, 4 comments
"Oh erm hi mom, you're a bit early... I can explain..." Mastering the art of Transformation technology can be a bit tricky at times, but hey, live and learn... and use better grade materials next time
Smile and say moooo by Gillpanda
13773 views, 75 favorites, 2 comments
And here we have a nice transformation of Ben's friend becoming a bull anthro and him running into the room and taking a photo of the changes! Commission for digitalpotato Art by Gill Panda ©2015
Beef.y by Hukeng
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Talk about belied expectations…
Bullistic by Demyxia
9101 views, 73 favorites, 1 comment
I'm really falling from my throne with my titles :/ Oh well Commission for 20eagle13 of them TFing into their bull sona in a saloon thanks to a cursed nosering!
In the Lab of a Shapeshifter by DstRoy
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The only dentist chair you want to sit in. Hello again, sorry of my absence for the past.. 5 months.. >.> I had some problems and an art block, but they are now in the past, and I'm back to making "art". :) Anyway, this piece was requested by Marius, and I admit that it was a fun project! Even tho it took almost half a year to finish... :I And something very different from me, and the first bovine I've drawn. :) I wonder who is the mysterious figure on the background..
Bad Day at the Lab - Cow TF by Dondedun
10118 views, 73 favorites, 2 comments
"What did you say was in that syringe again?" "The Cow Serum, how come?" "Moooooo reason."
Moo Girl by Hukeng
10598 views, 71 favorites, 2 comments
Because there are always plenty of ways for a young farm hand to make themself useful...
Jiffy Boob by RushEloc
17305 views, 71 favorites, 27 comments
I hate accidentally going to these!
Cow Bell by Weazel75
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Never enough cowbell.