Crocodile and Alligator

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Return of the Gatorgirl by Angrboda
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A four page sequence I collaborated on with Newenglander (who did the writing, panel breakdowns, and monologue). Parts of it are a little older, but I still like it. It's meant to fit in with my old gator girl pics, but because it's so different stylistically, I kept them separate.
Alligator Transformation by Cayuga
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crocodile by Edmol
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h-g by SentR
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Crocodile by Edmol
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In the kitchen.
Adele by Mookyvet
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A two-part transformation piece for Greywolf26 on FA. Can I just say that pink hair = the best? Because it totally is.
gator by Limonpi
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So this is roughly based on @Angrboda's character who is transformed into an anthro alligator~ Anyways, I like how it turned out; hope you guys do too :3
gatorguy by Terrifel
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Mosquitos aren't the worst thing that can happen to you in the swamp. Sometimes you find yourself thigh-deep in brackish water, turning into a gator, with no idea where you are because the artist doesn't know how to draw backgrounds.
Class Magic tf by Heezy
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I tried to do more of a "poof" transformation rather than a gradual one. Hope you like it. When Jimmy's magic trick for his class failed, it turned out it actually worked, and he hasn't even realize it yet.
Sam in the Bayou by Comic
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Sam is on another trip to my world courtesy of Wrenzephyr2 Took a few more liberties this time around with her outfit. Remember, heatstroke will strip you of all sense leave you with only your basest instincts.