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Rabbit in the tavern by Drigil
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The local fool staggers into the bar looking like this, and all heads turn to look at each other with a chorus of sighs. Poor bloke was throwing empty bottles at the wizard's tower again. Suppose he'll learn this time?
Island Girl TG by ChaseTheFox
2103 views, 23 favorites, 2 comments
Why exactly did that stranger give me a hibiscus flower? ...Gggh! Hey! I really liked that shirt! T.T
The Wild Swans by Mxmaramoose
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Happy #TFTuseday! I wanted to celebrate my favorite TF fairytale " The Wild Swans" so just follow this link to a (free) convo on my Patreon that we're having about this awesome story!
The Changing Times Antiques: Picky customer by Mxmaramoose
3201 views, 39 favorites, 2 comments
"The lovely people who sponsor the Store on Patreon ( helped this picky Customer choose between the three cursed artifacts on the table. In the end the stone egg seemed to be calling his name...
Night Fury TF by Taitora
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Torterra TF by Taitora
1620 views, 12 favorites, 1 comment
A tree is growing out of my back!?
Feral Werewolf by Randwulf
2328 views, 34 favorites, 0 comments
"Looks like this uncaged werewolves need to be tamed."
cat transformation by nicko
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she might be in distress now, but soon she will forget.
The Changing Times Antique Store by Mxmaramoose
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"Hi! Welcome to the Changing Times Antiques, Yes everything here is cursed..So what kind of Curse are you looking for this #TFTuesday? We have all kinds of stuff! let me know what you are looking for and Ill see if we have it!" Bonus: a little info on the shopkeeper! Bonus Bonus: The Changing Times Antiques store now has a Patreon! you can purchase things straight from the store and get transformed even at the lowest pledge level!
Faye Shads by Ritz
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A remake of an old image, A caretaker/janitor at a ballet school is turned into a ferrety student.