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OSC: Sequence: Sealed Fate by Jakkal
13 images, 10677 views, 80 favorites, 2 comments
Transformation Sequence for @ealadubh of himself as a fisherman who is about to have a very unpleasant experience with his latest catch.
Cougar by Noite Azul
2 images, 10878 views, 86 favorites, 2 comments
The Pig Witch by HamsterToybox
26 images, 62601 views, 104 favorites, 36 comments
EDIT: It is complete! Another sequence commission for @EalaDubh, who apparently never learns to stay away from magical people and objects XD I don't get to draw women very often, and drawing this has made me want to draw loads of pin-up girls. I'm going to be uploading this as I make it, to avoid the weeks of silence then the sudden art dump! Commission info here:
Patreon-Raccoon Thief by Fringedog
5302 views, 49 favorites, 2 comments
Last of the May Patreon Commissions sketches :)
'OH CRAP I HATE FULL MOONS!' by HamsterToybox
4733 views, 33 favorites, 6 comments
A warm up sketch of my character that I liked, so I coloured it in. I had a plan to do this as a sequence, but messed up the first one.
Frog in the Throat by Ametf
4099 views, 26 favorites, 0 comments
I have a cold.
[PreposedCom]-Dungeon Perils by Fringedog
6371 views, 77 favorites, 2 comments
When delving in ancient ruins in the wilderness, sometimes it is best to be careful when fighting the beasts and monsters that stand in your way... lest you get an hair of the cats that bit you. Commission for Graith_Tiger , who asked for fun were-sabretoothed tiger TF for their preposed commission :) Done based on this preposed offer:
YCHA"Anubis goo TF" by Kaju
7 images, 16820 views, 96 favorites, 2 comments
Featherweight - Human - Mouse TF (VORE) by Ametf
4 images, 15515 views, 60 favorites, 11 comments
Commission comic for Spacix. There's a Vore warning for the 4th image. Or just pretend mouse is a dentist.
A wolf in girl's clothing by AltairTF
13857 views, 226 favorites, 15 comments
Emily knew perfectly it was a full moon tonight, of course, she knew what this meant too. She didn't intend to stay too long at the school party, but as soon as she got back in her dorm room she realized it had been a very close call. The change hit her as soon as she closed the door. Moaning and writhing with the sensations of her reshaping body, she collapsed in a corner and let it overcome her. It was too late to get rid of her clothes now with her already paw-like hands. The wolf was pulling...