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chimera by Angrboda
32966 views, 202 favorites, 9 comments
commission for cearenbow of his chimera girl, Samantha.
deerteef by Jakkal
30826 views, 104 favorites, 9 comments
Now there's one thing ol' Artemis gets pissed about is huntin' on her sacred ground. But hey now he at least doesn't hafta worry 'bout hunters.
SikaTrans by Edmol
28066 views, 214 favorites, 6 comments
Japanese deer(with a horn)
dance by Ealadubh
26486 views, 36 favorites, 1 comment
Nine-AM after yet another all-nighter, and here's the product of the latest instant-sketch trade. You lucky people. :>
deerunicornsm by Arania
5 images, 24536 views, 47 favorites, 8 comments
The second of Jorg's four shorter commissions - this one not -quite- a reverse transformation per se as a magical awakening. A humble doe becoming a magical unicorn. Two more forthcoming :)
naturecall by Flinters
24204 views, 91 favorites, 5 comments
When nature calls
Once in a Blue Moon by everruler
2 images, 23369 views, 320 favorites, 11 comments
Commissioned by Agentcypher Interested in a commission? Go to
Actaeons change by righteouswolf
22434 views, 125 favorites, 20 comments
Transformation of Actaeon based from Ovid's metamorphasis. The deer is Actaeon and the owl is Artemis after she has fully turned herself into an owl. If you would like to see more, go to my DeviantArt website
Deer Run by Comic
22203 views, 206 favorites, 6 comments
Trying to learn photoshop coloring, got frustrated so here's a watercolor instead. The composition is messed up, I'll post a sketch of what I mean. Haven't posted anything cause of a project I started on. Only about a quarter to a third of it is pure transformation, the rest is story. So I'm not sure if here is the right place to post it.
At the 24 Hour TF Diner by Spacecat
2 images, 22038 views, 107 favorites, 20 comments
Original descriptions and such are here! This was a commission for a lotttt of people, where furries go into a diner to eat and come out as different critters!