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Karen deer by Superboo
8642 views, 67 favorites, 2 comments
stream commission for PaulRevere1991 over on FA! :>
AlrightOwl Deer TF by Ciervo
8373 views, 55 favorites, 8 comments
My half of a trade with AlrightOwl. Oh dear, shouldn't have ordered that "Mezcla Acteón" coffee...
AP Doe Butt by Dragon-Storm
7649 views, 63 favorites, 2 comments
New stuff for sale, check it out or not your all adults and can do whatever you want
Oh Deer - Deer TF/TG by Dondedun
7373 views, 73 favorites, 4 comments
Oh deer me, what am I going to doe!
The Changing Times Antique Store by Mxmaramoose
4 images, 7297 views, 51 favorites, 13 comments
"Hi! Welcome to the Changing Times Antiques, Yes everything here is cursed..So what kind of Curse are you looking for this #TFTuesday? We have all kinds of stuff! let me know what you are looking for and Ill see if we have it!" Bonus: a little info on the shopkeeper!
DAWN! radioactive toast! by Gaia1234
6868 views, 63 favorites, 5 comments
Ahahaha, I don't know how to draw toast at all! It's radioactive making TF happen. :D
Deering by Virmir
6636 views, 44 favorites, 2 comments
The worst part about the holiday season is when you spontaneously transform into a deer.
Laure Ambar Deer TF by EduartBoudewijn
6241 views, 44 favorites, 0 comments
A little drawing I did for a friend's birthday of his OC turning into a doe. I hope you all enjoy it ^^
[Patreon]-Druid of the deer spirit by Fringedog
6237 views, 35 favorites, 0 comments
Another personalized sketch for one of my (anonymous in this case) high level patrons.
Ros Headshot by KrazyIvan
5853 views, 51 favorites, 5 comments
Been writing a Slow Deer TF novel and decided we needed an Anatomy study on our deer friend Ros here. Full body nudes and clothing options are available on my patreon: Thanks all.