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NaturalRecycling by Flinters
8 images, 58163 views, 380 favorites, 16 comments
A Girl to Deer transformation series. This series is in the Sketchbook Auction project that is nearly ready to go. So if you like transformation sequences, sit back, grab a soda and click away with that mouse.
deerTf by Killpanda
41927 views, 361 favorites, 15 comments
Once in a Blue Moon by everruler
2 images, 22006 views, 319 favorites, 11 comments
Commissioned by Agentcypher Interested in a commission? Go to
Brightfield by Pilot
50272 views, 260 favorites, 5 comments
A Morning Run by Jcheetah
14767 views, 231 favorites, 6 comments
As she went for her usual morning run in the forest, she found herself on a small forest clearing she had not seen before. There was an old altar in its centre and once she approached it, something strange began to happen...
DeerTrans by Edmol
19572 views, 229 favorites, 4 comments
OhDear by Evion
34830 views, 219 favorites, 25 comments
Aurum, excentric wizard and potion-mixer, indulged a bit too much in a polymorphing potion. Though he thought he'd cured it, when he woke up the next day with deer ears and a black nose, there was only one thing he had to say.
SikaTrans by Edmol
26939 views, 211 favorites, 6 comments
Japanese deer(with a horn)
Subject To Change - Vestigial Effects by PickleJuice
48 images, 57552 views, 205 favorites, 23 comments
Subject To Change is my ongoing comic featuring various transformations set in the same universe. It is all ages TF fun. This comic features Sean and Hellen, two shysters trying to cash in on a town in hysterics over growing puppy boys, growing kitty girls, puppy boyfriends, and sheepdog boys. They bite off a little more than they can chew. Please support Subject To Change! Visit my site and donate.
chimera by Angrboda
31316 views, 201 favorites, 9 comments
commission for cearenbow of his chimera girl, Samantha.