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Warmth by Hukeng
4 images, 10259 views, 49 favorites, 3 comments
Fire is a devastating, wild and roaring force of nature, but it can also embody warmth, light and safety - what would be more suited to fight one´s nightmares? Hadn´t done a comic in a while, so…
Demon Boy by Hukeng
6278 views, 49 favorites, 1 comment
...And then they say that all Demons are nasty monsters. Well, time to prove them wrong, little one.
YCHA"Pumpkin monster goo TF" by Kaju
11146 views, 66 favorites, 2 comments
YCHA art
Don't Freak Out by Viergacht
4 images, 15305 views, 33 favorites, 10 comments
Based on a true story.
Devilish Delight by LanceNightingale
8022 views, 60 favorites, 2 comments
Annabeth Springs by Inkblot
5724 views, 34 favorites, 1 comment
Name: Annabeth Springs Gender: Female Age: 14 Height: 5' 3” Weight: 147 Lb Cup Size: C Species: Hydro Slime Mutant Birthday: September 24 Occupation: Part-time hero Sexuality: Straight abilities: -her slime is very water like, having just enough form to let her keep her shape without splating. -she can absorb water into her slime cells to increase their size by massive amounts, allowing her to basically control water. She can also absorb nutrients to make ...
This is terrible by Ametf
6998 views, 14 favorites, 19 comments
Why are you even looking at it?
Ghoul Problems by Ametf
9843 views, 38 favorites, 5 comments
Commission for Brandybutt on FA. First time drawing goo/slime so I hope it looks nice and icky
Mezuki mask TF by Kaju
13873 views, 58 favorites, 0 comments
Mezuki→馬頭鬼→Horsehead ogre
New Pets by Demyxia
11569 views, 62 favorites, 6 comments
Commission for shatteredskyhusky of a guy being forced into a monstery, submissive pet for my Nega~ <3