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maidenpage by Angrboda
6 images, 120169 views, 398 favorites, 98 comments
Sometimes a little night-time reading can be dangerous... A new short sequence titled the maiden and the manuscript. [complete]
angrboda meme by Angrboda
78228 views, 245 favorites, 17 comments
A meme I did for furaffinity, as completed by me. Since it has a few TF doodles I thought I'd smack it up on this account.
stoplisten by Angrboda
45534 views, 333 favorites, 11 comments
A collab between the super cool Juan Valdez and little old me; two ladies get charmed by the dark side!
Victoria Lost by Juanvaldez
45385 views, 247 favorites, 12 comments
Victorias first transformation. Shes from a comic that never came to light, but neat non the less.
Gone very wrong by Juanvaldez
44958 views, 91 favorites, 16 comments
Halloween comes early... too early.
The Need c by Juanvaldez
43840 views, 195 favorites, 12 comments
I have always imagined that it would be cool if we have counterparts in another universe. What if they swapped?
LAB dRED by Juanvaldez
43812 views, 87 favorites, 3 comments
Bi-Product of the LAB.
Sick Censored CT by Juanvaldez
39651 views, 65 favorites, 22 comments
I could not help it, The only way I figure to get this off my mind is to put it out there.
Dtf by Juanvaldez
37443 views, 394 favorites, 37 comments
I noticed quite a few people talking about Demon TFs as of late, so I could not resist.
TheHunt by Juanvaldez
34617 views, 35 favorites, 5 comments
More spare stuff. "Shhhh.... did you hear something"