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trex tf by Corvidima
13388 views, 62 favorites, 7 comments
Gift-art for Metamorpher.
Dragoniade Rex by TfProxy
15906 views, 87 favorites, 9 comments
My entry for a contest to draw some kind of TF for Dragoniade over on Deviantart
steggielovinsm by Arania
24094 views, 66 favorites, 8 comments
Another commission I've been sitting on for a bit, and realized I hadn't uploaded yet. While the transformation is only implied, that was the theme of the art. A voluntary transformation of a woman into a volumptuous anthro stegosaurus for her loving partner.
zipclawcolorsm by Arania
4 images, 25073 views, 99 favorites, 9 comments
Commission for Zipclaw! A man undergoes a sudden metamorphosis into a velociraptor! :D ((with the modern, feathery intrepretation)).
Raptor-tf by TfProxy
14465 views, 96 favorites, 11 comments
This started out as a quick experiement in coloring, and kinda got carried away...
tri by Cursed_soul
5714 views, 16 favorites, 8 comments
Rex-Trans by Cursed_soul
10382 views, 29 favorites, 11 comments
Because there are just not enough T-rex transformations out there.
Raptor-yikes by Cursed_soul
13406 views, 78 favorites, 11 comments
I've been reading The Lost World: Jurassic Park and was inspired to draw a dino-trans. Those poor converse...
Roxi by Maska
17917 views, 80 favorites, 9 comments
Roxi is bigbadwolfgirl57's (on DA) character turned into an iguanadon.
Kettakett by Maska
14510 views, 50 favorites, 4 comments
Kettakett profile pic. Stygimoloch. Version of this w/ cheesy photo jungle background on DA.