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Ambush by Maska
14838 views, 44 favorites, 11 comments
Sarah (kentrosaurus) and Kettakett (stygimoloch) were both victims of Urshuk's reign of terror. Now they want to get even, but the lord of the ashen waste is not easy prey
kim by Birvan
9666 views, 20 favorites, 8 comments
Kim Nguyet, from IoDM. I can't wait to see her 75% stage X3
RaptorTF by Antherios
13649 views, 38 favorites, 11 comments
For some dumb reason I find this picture hysterical. I think it's the look on that poor dude's face.
pterodactyl by Ookamichan
17487 views, 134 favorites, 13 comments
this was a older pic that has been finished for a couple of months, it's just been collecting dust on my hard drive so i decided to post this first.
SarBat by Maska
25894 views, 67 favorites, 10 comments
Sarah, kicking the snot out of a deinonychus as Baorgis' champion. Even brainwashed she's an extremely skilled combatant, with both guns and in combat. Being a were-kentrosaurus just gives her the strength and durability to take on the magically enhanced raptors.
SarahTurn by Maska
27514 views, 81 favorites, 12 comments
When Baorgis first began abducting modern Earth humans and transforming them, he learned of advanced weaponry. Sarah was his first slave to bring weapons with her, namely a pistol and assault rifle thanks to Baorgis yanking her out of a perimeter patrol. Combined with her training and her kentrosaurus attributes, she is a force to be reckoned with.
h-g by SentR
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Feathered-Raptor by TfProxy
14647 views, 99 favorites, 12 comments
Feathers? Not what he expected, but It'll do.
dino-mirror by TfProxy
10282 views, 66 favorites, 5 comments
I'm - too sexy for my species.
dino-moon by TfProxy
8373 views, 32 favorites, 4 comments
Under the light of the full moon, the stranges creatures come out.